Words From Dad - Reflections on your 1st Year


I would like to start out by telling you how special this past year has been for your mother and I. I cannot even start to tell you how strong our love is for you, and our beautiful family. Each day is a dream come true. It is such a great honor and privilege to be your father. I cannot wait to get home from work to see you in the front yard with your mom, welcoming me home. As soon as you realize it’s me you start flapping your arms around and you give out a few welcome home screams. You are on the verge of walking any day now, but it has been so much fun carrying you around in your bjorn on our little adventures. I don’t want you to grow up so fast, but each day I see you growing and learning new things and cannot wait to see what the next day has in store for us. I must say I am looking forward to playing with cars & trucks in the dirt with you, going camping, fishing, or anything you want to do. You are an amazing person and I thank you for a great year. Happy Birthday and I look forward to many more.

Love you,

{feeding the ducks with Dad....}

{after a fun birthday lunch.}

{so many ducks!}


{Mommy with the Birthday Boy}

{fun on the carousel}

{silly Daddy!}

{sweet little Hudson on his 1st Birthday!}


abehel said...

Hudson is so blessed to have a Dad and Mom that loves and cares for him so much. The bond between the three of you is evident.

Jeannie said...

Will what a sweet letter to Hudson. You and Ashley are such good parents to little Hudson and you are making some good memories with him.
Good to see he is not terrified of ducks!