Where are the Watermelons?

We were looking for watermelon. As we navigated through the thick crowd of people scurrying down Jackson Avenue in downtown Russellville we saw tilt-a-whirls and tie-dye t-shirts, roasted corn and funnel cakes, antique tractors and vintage vehicles....but we didn't see any watermelon.

The three of us had taken the short drive south to Russellville, to explore the celebrated Franklin County Watermelon Festival. After a walk through the streets, we saw many interesting things, but there was no watermelon in sight. Prompted by the lack of ripe, juicy fruit and the humidity in the air, we loaded in the car and headed back towards home. We were pretty disappointed with the festival, so we decided to stop by the Alabama Music Hall of Fame on the way home....to hopefully gleam some sort of fun out of our Saturday outing. Athough the museum itself was full of information regarding the Alabama music scene, our favorite part of the day was playing with the authentic Wurlitzer jukebox which was filled with music made by Alabama natives....Hudson especially loved dancing to Lionel Richie's "All Night Long".


{On the lookout for fruit!!}


{We saw corn for sale....}

{....and lots of old trucks...}

{....and tractors....}

{....and cars....}

{....and more trucks....}

{....and more tractors. But no watermelon.}

{The Alabama Music Hall of Fame}

{nice ride}

{country boys? nah.}

{highlight of our day}

{Hudson requests some music.}

{groovin' in the museum}

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