Rubber Ducky, you're the one!

Hudson's 1st Birthday Party was a fabulously ducky affair! After months and months of planning every tiny detail for this very special occasion, I couldn't have wished for it to turn out better than it did....well, despite the surprise thunder shower that made an appearance about 2 hours before the guests arrived, and about 30 minutes after we had put the final decorations out in the backyard. Mother Nature didn't cause too much damage, though, except to the dreadfully, drippy and droopy tissue pom poms that were hanging from the trees. Luckily, the sunshine popped out just in time to greet our friends and family who came from near & far to make Hudson's party super special! And although it's true that Hudson probably won't remember this wonderful party and all of the hard work that went into it, he definitely will remember all the love he felt that day from all of his lovely family and friends. He's a lucky little guy to be surrounded by so many people that care so much about him....and I'm a very grateful mommy for all that they do for our family.

After a little bit of mingling, we sat down for a delicious dinner of barbecue...is there any better backyard food? Then came lots and lots of presents for the little man. He was definitely a bit overwhelmed, but thoroughly enjoyed perusing through the wrapping, checking out each and every exciting gift. As the darkness settled in, Hudson listened happily as we sang "Happy Birthday" (twice!) to him under the  glistening moonlight. All was going along swimmingly until we introduced his smash cake, a precious little rubber ducky cake that my Mom tirelessly created just for the birthday boy. Little Hudson wouldn't so much as stick a finger in the cake, much less have a taste. At first he just checked it out. Then Will made the mistake of turning the duck's face towards Hudson....the water works ensued. I think he was a bit startled, but mostly just tired. But his crying stopped as we took him out of his high chair so he could play, while we adults lined up for generous slices of the party cake, which we weren't afraid of at all. As the party guests trickled away, we heard the sounds of thunder overhead. The night had come to an end, and what a grand night it was. Thank you so much to everyone who came to celebrate with us! We love you all! I can't wait to show Hudson pictures* of his 1st Birthday Rubber Ducky Party when he gets a bit older....and tell him about all the wonderful memories we made that night.

*Because we took about one million pictures that night, I'm going to have to break the birthday party post into a few installments, so stay tuned for lots of Rubber Ducky Fun!

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Summer T said...

We had such a great time at Hudson's party. Thanks so much for inviting us to share in his special day :)
You did such a wonderful job of planning!