Rubber Ducky Party Pictures - Let Them Eat Cake!

It seems like the most important part of any 1st birthday celebration is the smashing of the cake. Everyone gathers round to watch the little one dig in, slinging cake from head to toe, and eating handfuls in the process. I was fully ready for a mess when we sat Hudson's special Ducky Smash Cake on his high chair tray. I had already opted to disrobe him of his birthday romper, changing him in to some sweet green bloomers and his birthday boy bib. We sat the cake in front of him, and sang Happy Birthday, twice. Once while he was wearing his birthday hat....very unhappily; he was so unhappy that he screamed as we all sang in unison. I requested a second serenade for him, and everyone obliged, and the second time the birthday boy was hatless and happy. Will & I helped him to blow out is single candle, and then we waited. He didn't inch his hand towards the bright yellow icing. He didn't seem interested at all. Will took a swipe of buttercream, and touched it to Hudson's mouth, and at that point he was even less interested. The closest he got to touching the cake was using his tiny finger to smear a drop of yellow frosting that had trickled onto the surface of his tray. Will decided to rotate the cake, turning the face of the duck towards Hudson's inquisitive face. That was a very bad idea, as Hudson began to shriek. No, he didn't dig into his first birthday cake. It probably wouldn't be a stretch to say that he was actually afraid of the cake. But there's no law that says a baby has to devour his celebratory dessert.....maybe he hasn't got his sweet tooth yet!

{Hudson's adorable party hat....}

{....that he didn't want to wear.}

{Happy Birthday to YOU!}

{"What is this thing?"}

{"Any ideas about what I'm supposed to do with this duck?"}

{He's not to sure about the icing.}

{taking a tiny taste.}

{"I've had enough!"}

{"Hey Dad, it's a bad idea for the duck & me to be eye to eye."}

{the cake is served!}

{birthday boy playing while the grown-ups eat cake}

{"Hey Duck! Are you following me??"}

{major mishap: duck vs. baby}

{What happened here?}


{looks like Josh has his hands full!}

{Liza & little Henri}

{"That's my hat, Mom!"}

{"WooHoo! I love parties!"}

{sharing some laughs with Summer & Brad}

{a few of the guys}

{Me & my bestie....who helped me out so much before the party. What would I do without her?}

{the sweet Newbern Family}

{hangin' out in the boat}

{row, row, row your boat}

{"Bye Bye! Thanks for coming to my party!"}

{"So this is what it feels like to be one year old."}


abehel said...

I can't decide who was the winner in this stand off, Hudson or the Duck! Now we know Hudson doesn't like hats or duck cakes. Such sweet pictures, my favorite is the last one where he is sitting in his chair. He looks like he is ready for bed after all the celebrating.

Jeannie said...

What an adorable one year old. You look so sweet in these pictures. Can't wait for #2!!!