Rubber Ducky Party Pictures - Family, Friends, and Gifts Galore!

“Every gift from a friend is a wish for your happiness.” -Richard Bach

Since the day Hudson was born, he has been fortunate to be surrounded by so many wonderful people that love him very much. We were happy that so many of these family members and friends were able to share in celebrating his special day. We all had such a great time visiting with everyone, and Hudson loved being passed around from one happy person to the next. After dinner we moved all of the bright and festive packages from the canoe into the tent so that little Hudson could open his presents. He received so many fabulous gifts from all of our phenomenal friends and family...take a look!

{Will, GrandDad (my dad -Wayne), Me, Hudson, & Gennie (my mom - Jeannie)}

{Will, Martha (Will's mom), Me, Hudson, & Greg (Will's dad)}

{clockwise from upper left: My cousin Summer & her husband Brad, Our friends Lisa & Andrew, Will's sister Liza & her daughter Henri, Our friends Lisa & Josh and their son Landon, Will's grandparents Papa & Shelby, Our friends Jim & Pamela, Our friends Bass & Amy, and Will's brother Sam.}


{smile! candid shot!}

{me & my little sweetie}

{Hudson & Gennie}

{"Let's open these presents!"}

{lovin' the ducks!}

{little birthday boy checking things out}

{playing with Auntie Summer while he waits to open his gifts}

{Landon playing some horseshoes with his mommy}

{"Oooh! Opening presents looks like fun!"}

{"Always read the card first, Mommy!"}

{A piano & wooden blocks from Lisa & Andrew}

{Gennie & GrandDad gave him an "Off to Grandma's" suitcase filled with doggie jammies, sock doggie, and soft blanket, and.....}

{....an EverEarth wooden Activity Walker, and....}

{....a personalized plaid Pottery Barn chair, and....}

{....two cute outfits.}

{Talking Cookie Monster, Crimson Tide Sippy Cup, and an Alabama Romper from Bass & Amy}

{Lisa & Josh gave him a farm animals chunky puzzle, and Landon gave him a John Deere dump truck}

{Will & I gave him a Sesame Street Remote, Little Tikes Hammer, Pop & Push Truck, Fridge Farm, and....}

{....an activity Pirate Ship, and...}

{....a push & ride Dump Truck, and....}

{....a Radio Flyer All-Terrain Wagon.}

{Will's Aunt Sissy & Uncle Larry gave him some cute plaid jammies, a fire truck toy, and a soft toy cell phone}

{Pamela & Jim gave him a personalized #22 Bama Jersey}

{Will's Grandmother Ro-Ro gave him a Duck Rabbit book, and Papa & Shelby gave him some money.}

{Hudson's Uncle Sam gave him books: Things That Go, Hey Diddle Diddle, Humpty Dumpty, and Lots of Spots.}

{He got a Real Sounds John Deere Lawn Mower, and....}

{.....A Cuddle for Little Duck book, and a cute two-piece train outfit from Martha & Greg.}

{Summer & Brad gave him a Chomp & Clack Alligator Push Toy}

{Liza and Henri gave him some super-soft bamboo jammies}

{My Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Gary gave him a Mickey Mouse Push & Ride Airplane}

{He got an embroidered Alabama houndstooth Long-All Romper with a precious crimson football sweater from my Aunt Kaye and Uncle Jimmy}

{He got a a spinny toy from Amber & Britt.}

{Hudson loves all of his fun & wonderful gifts from his great family and friends!}


Summer T said...

Hudson sure did get some great gifts! I bet you are having lots of fun playing with them too!

Thanks again for inviting us, it was so much fun. We love getting to see Hudson.

Hudson's birthday outfit was adorable and just perfect for his special day :)

Ashley said...

Thanks Summer! All three of us are having fun with all these great toys!! You and Brad need to come back soon & spend some laid-back one on one time with the little guy! I know he would love it! Oh, and even though he got all these new toys that he loves, one of his favorites is still his sock monkey you gave him!!