Rubber Ducky Party Pictures - Details, Details, Details

“It's the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.”

Ooh, how I love details. A huge part of the fun of planning Hudson's birthday celebration was deciding on all of the tiniest components and specific aspects of his party. After the initial dilemma of choosing a fitting theme for his special day, I couldn't wait to dive in to the planning process and perfect the different elements. Choosing a rubber ducky theme was pretty obvious. I knew that I wanted to throw a party that reflected something that Hudson was interested in. As you can probably guess, a baby who is less than a year old can't exactly tell you what sort of party he would like to have, so I had to go with my instincts. Ever since Hudson was a few months old, he has loved his bathtime. Splishing and splashing in the tub is one of his favorite things to do, and he never, ever, bathes without his rubber ducky. It didn't hurt that I simply love the colors yellow and blue together, and both are fitting for a sweet little boy's celebration. So it was decided that we would throw a fabulous Rubber Ducky spectacular, featuring the colors yellow, blue, orange and white. I knew from the very beginning that he had to have tons of balloons, so we decked out our backyard with oversized yellow balloons, huge 36 inch white balloons, and a few mylar rubber ducky balloons. Along with creating Hudson's ducky smash cake, my sweet mother also constructed funky tissue pom poms of different sizes which we hung from the tall shady trees. I searched high and low for different varieties of orange and yellow candies that I displayed on a candy buffet which held little paper sacks I made for our guests to fill with sweets and take home to enjoy. I made little goody bags for our tiniest guests, filled with a tiny rubber ducky for each of them. The dinner tables were decorated with centerpieces I made, and I also featured a few photographs of Hudson with his stuffed animal ducky that I had taken in honor of his 1st birthday. We set up a tent where Hudson sat to open his gifts surrounded by rubber duckies and clear "bubble" balloons. My favorite detail of all, though, was the canoe I painted....it served as a container for all of Hudson's wonderful presents, and it really was the centerpiece of the entire party. Whew! Just reminiscing about all these little details wears me outs! Without further adieu, here are a few pictures of all the little pieces that came together to make one fun party!

{pretty pom poms before the rain}

{bursts of brightness throughout the yard}

{sign I painted for Hudson}

{cold drinks}

{the layout}

{candy buffet & dinner tables}

{birthday sign and balloons galore}

{sudsy ducky centerpieces}

{sweets for the sweet!}

{some of the yummy candies}

{treat bags}

{ducky favors for the kiddies}

{my Mom's creation...a fabulously festive ducky smash cake}

{birthday cake}

{balloons flying high. Daddy's special touch!}

{The gift canoe & the excited birthday boy!}

{"Let's get this party started!"}


Jeannie said...

Ashley you made Hudson's first birthday so special! That was a big job but you pulled it off even though you had some obstacles along the way. Hudson will know one day how special his first birthday was. We had so much fun. We love you all.

abehel said...

Ashley, you did a wonderful job of decorating for Hudson's party, I especially like the center
pieces. And the canoe was a great idea. The duck cake was so cute. Thank you for sharing the pictures.

Ashley said...

Thank you so much!! I had lots of fun planning Hudson's party....but thank goodness birthdays only come once per year! :)