Oysters for Breakfast?

We woke up to the most beautiful sunny weather on the last day of our Chattanooga getaway. We didn't have anything planned in particular, aside from a visit to the Easy Bistro for a delicious Sunday brunch. We had a bit of time to kill that morning before our meal, so we strolled down Broad Street to the River and watched as exhausted athletes triumphantly crossed the downtown finish line after a two-day triathalon. We were sweating after casually strolling less than a mile down the city streets, while these men and women had unfathomably sweltered tirelessly for two days worth of extreme athletic competition; biking, swimming, and running their way to the end of his or her journey. While we were in awe of the fitness of the athletes, we couldn't help but wander away giggling when the smell of scrambled eggs and sizzling bacon wafted through the air from the bistro, encompassing us in it's enticing aroma, beckoning us to breakfast. Stepping through the doors of the chic, modern bistro, I felt immediately inspired by the black and white color palette infused with bright bursts of chartreuse. We felt right at home with the sweet southern charm of the wait staff who quickly served up french style beignets while our piping hot meal was prepared. While I like my brunch simple, eggs and bacon extra crispy, thank you very much, Will likes to walk on the wild side. Sure, the eggs benedict he requested was nothing crazy, but these eggs had a little something special....fried oysters. Now, if you know me, you know that I can't turn down a raw oyster on the half shell....that is, when they are served at dinner time. Oysters for breakfast? That definitely wouldn't be my choice. But as they say, different strokes for different folks. Will and I both enjoyed our brunch, and Hudson enjoyed flirting with the waitress. When the chef stepped out to ask us how we were enjoying our meal, happy little Hudson smiled a big, bright smile...showing off all seven of his pearly whites. After we had our fill, we made our way to the Farmer's Market, where we saw heaps of fresh produce and homemade goods. But, the beautiful sun that we woke up to early that morning was really beginning to beat down, and the three of us were getting pretty hot. So after a wonderful weekend filled with fantastic memories, we hopped in the car and headed back home.

{runners wrapping up a triathalon}

{sleepy Hudson & smiley Daddy}

{sweetest little sleepy-head}

{enjoying the river view}

{more fun with the sloping sidewalk}

{time for brunch}

{"Oysters Rockefeller, please."}

{I'm diggin' the chartreuse.}

{inspired design}

{cold water on a hot morning}

{good morning, glory!}

{Beignets for everyone, even Hudson!}

{See any oysters under those eggs?}

{"Eeew, Dad! Oysters for breakfast?"}

{a classic breakfast}

{room with a view}

{little angel baby}

{"Thanks for a great getaway, Chattanooga!"}

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