A Day at the Farm

A couple of weeks ago, we made a little weekday escape to my family's farm, about an hour south of our home in Florence. Hudson seemed positively awestruck by all of the beautiful wide open spaces and miles of green pastures as far as the eye can see. We came on a whim, traveling down to visit for a bit with my Dad who was there doing some work on the farm that day, and we ended up having a wonderful time. There's lots of fun things for a sweet little city boy to investigate in the lovely countryside! First, Hudson got acquainted with a few of the many cows that live on the farm....brown ones, white ones, big cows, and babies. As he sat perched on a soft blanket, the docile herd grazed peacefully around him, turning their big eyes his way between munches of grass. One brave little calf came quite close, just as curious about baby Hudson, as Hudson was about the cows. After a ride through the fields, we ventured down to the barn where my Dad and I reminisced about the many hot summer days I spent on the farm as a girl, exploring the lush pastures with my horse Cinnamon. The August sun was burning brightly, and it was nearing time to head back to our city home, but first we stopped by the garden to gather some ripe, red tomatoes that served as a perfect farm fresh treat for our dinner that night. I can't wait to enjoy many more weekends at the farm with our little boy....I imagine it won't be long until he's jumping over the rushing water of the creek, playing with the friendly hound dogs, exploring hidden dirt pathways through the surrounding woods, and perhaps even riding his very own horse through the beautiful fields....what do you think, GrandDad??

{sweet baby & vintage truck}

{"Adopt the pace of nature. Her secret is patience." - Ralph Waldo Emerson}

{farm livin' is the life for me!}

{"Hey now, brown cow! Don't come too close!"}

{"I picked this tomato...can we take it home?"}

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Jeannie said...

How exciting, another generation at the farm. It seems like only yesterday you would go to the farm and Pa would let you drive his truck and sometimes you would take your little motor bike and ride around the farm. Those were fun days for you. Maybe Hudson will make some good memories. He doesn't look too excited about the tomato!!