Newsletter from Mommy - Month 11

My sweet little Hudson,

You are eleven months old! That's almost one whole year old! The past few weeks have been consumed with me excitedly bustling around, planning your very first birthday party....what a monumental occasion! I can't wait to celebrate the wonderful little person that is you, Hudson, after your first year of life! You made it!! And we made it, too. Not merely surviving this wonderful time, but falling very much in love with you. What in the world did we do before you arrived?

Your eleventh month has been a busy one! You have vacationed away from home, twice! Your first trip to the beach was incredible, and just yesterday we returned from Chattanooga where you happily helped Mommy and Daddy celebrate their fifth anniversary! You are simply a joy to be around. You have developed quite a sense of humor, laughing along when we laugh, and giggling when something tickles your funny bone. You are hilarious, and keep us smiling most of each and every day. In fact, on the way to the beach, you really had us laughing. We were cruising along the highway, very happy to be going on vacation. We were only about twenty minutes away from home, and we had the music jammin', just like you like it. Suddenly, we heard a bit of a scramble from the backseat. (In case I haven't told you, for safety reasons when you ride in the car with us, your carseat faces backwards. So Mommy and Daddy have a hard time seeing you when we are traveling down the road.) Well, Daddy and I simultaneously turned around to see what the commotion was, and there you were, perched on your knees, peeping your sweet face over the back of your carseat. As soon as we spotted you, you let out your cute trademark laugh, smiling so big I though you might bust! Daddy quickly pulled over, and I strapped you safely back into your seat. I have no idea how you maneuvered yourself out of a five point harness, but you did it. And while it was pretty scary at the time, I'll never forget your little face popping up, smiling your largest smile.

You love to ride in the car, as long as the music is playing. Much of the time you sleep peacefully when we're on the road. But if you ever have a time where you get a bit upset, we have a special little trick....we play your favorite song: "Hey Soul Sister" by Train. To be honest, I'm not quite sure why you love this song so much, but as soon as the first notes chime, you are one happy little boy. Not a peep comes out of your mouth as long as your song is on, even if it is on constant repeat...which sadly, we have had to resort to a couple of times this past month. There are a couple of tv commercials that feature your song, and no matter what you are doing, if you hear it, you stop and look and sit very quietly. I wonder if you will ever tire of it, or find a new favorite? Go ahead and click below if you want to give it a listen.....

Another thing you love to do is get out of the house and see the world. You love to go out to eat at restaurants with Mommy and Daddy, and we have never had to get up and leave a dinner with you, in this entire eleven months. You are almost always well behaved, no matter where we take you, or what we do. You are still happiest in the Baby Bjorn, strapped safely to your Dad. You look so cute hanging out in that carrier, little legs dangling. When you get excited in your Bjorn you always flap your arms up and down like a funny little bird, and kick those sweet legs. At home, you love exploring. You still enjoy time in your Bouncy, but especially love crawling and cruising around. You are very good at walking while holding on the furniture, and you hardly ever fall. I know it will be any day that you finally let go, and take those fastidious first steps to freedom. You watch a little bit of tv during the day, and your favorite is still Yo Gabba Gabba, with a close second being the Upside Down Show. When you watch your shows you clap your hands and laugh along, and oh, is it cute.

{"But Mom, I can see better from here!"}

You got FIVE new teeth this month! Your top two middle teeth, the two on both sides of those, and your third bottom tooth, giving you a grand total of seven sweet teeth! You are biting everything, including Mom and Dad. Yikes! You are really starting to love your solid foods, and are open to taking bites off of our plates at dinner time. Your favorites are your morning yogurt,  strawberry or peach, and organic squash with corn. Yummy! We also tried to introduce a little meat to your diet this month, and you were not very interested. I can't say that I blame you...mushed up chicken in a jar? If it tastes as bad as it looks, I wouldn't like it either. But don't worry, next on the list is mushed up turkey in a jar....if at first you don't succeed, try try again!

You are talking up a storm, saying the same five words: Mama, Dada, tickle, bye-bye, and no-no, which is always accompanied by a vigorous head shake. I love to hear your precious little voice.

 In the past eleven months, you have acquired quite a few nicknames, but lately I can't help but call you "Punky", which I think evolved from "Punkin'". Daddy always shakes his head when I call you that, but I think it's sweet. And I think you like it, too, because you always look up at me with that big, bright smile when I say it.  Who knows, by next month you may have a new nickname, but you will always be my sweet little Hudson. I couldn't have asked for a happier, more beautiful baby boy. I am so proud of you, and still so amazed by each and every one of your accomplishments, big and small. Of all the things I have done in my life, I am most proud of being your Mommy. I love you with every inch of my heart.

Hugs & Kisses,

{pretty little baby boy}

{Mr. Personality}

{showing off some of his best dance moves.}

{"Knock Knock! Anybody home?"}

{"You can't see me!"}

{"I'm so happy!"}

{laughing at Mommy & Daddy}

{laughing soo hard}

{beautiful smile}

{"bye bye....}

{....farewell 10 months!"}

{Baby Hudson, 11 months old.}


Jeannie said...

How adorable you are in these pictures. I can't believe you are already eleven months old. I have been singing Hey Soul Sister since we returned from the beach. It makes me smile and think of you. You are so special to us and we are blessed to have you. I love the picture showing your teeth. You are a beautiful little boy and Gennie and Granddad love you so much.

abehel said...

Hudson, You are such a happy baby! And you look so sweet with your new teeth.That is a very unique way of watching television. Happy 11th month! Love G-Aunt K