Musings on History and the House on the Hill.

Who descended these stairs into the grand foyer?

Was it a young debutante, draped in her finest dress, underskirt brushing against the sturdy wooden stairs as she demurely paced down each step towards her one true love, as her delicate hand, covered with a handmade ivory lace glove, slid gently along the ornate banister?

Who stood in these halls?

Perhaps a gentleman suitor, patiently waiting for his future bride to come into his view, focusing on thoughts of her wholesome beauty and the love that he feels for her, rather than recounting in his mind once more the horrid two weeks he spent in 1861 with a Confederate militia in Etowah County, and the intense shame he still feels from firing one shot, and escaping, leaving the Civil War permanently behind him.

Who peered into these mirrors?

Maybe it was the dignified doctor who owned the majestic home, and the surrounding grounds, stopping by the great golden trimmed mirror that hung proud and heavy over the smooth marble mantle of the sitting room, to steal a glance and wince as he suddenly realized the visible sadness that inhabited his aging eyes, then turned his back from his disappointing reflection, remembering how quickly he had aged in the years spent tending to wounded soldiers all over the South, travelling where he was most needed, no matter how weary he felt or how badly his bones ached.

There are a great many scenarios that could have played out in this old, magnificent home. History tells us that a family, helmed by a stately doctor, lived here during the years following the devastating war between North and South. I could only imagine the hardships that befell families during those trying times. But yet, in the midst of all the turmoil throughout the southern states, there in North Alabama sat this beautiful house. One of the first of Alabama's plantation houses, this Palladian style home sits high on a hill. It was built in 1832, and there it has survived for almost 180 years. Some astounding original furniture remains, as do many portraits of previous inhabitants. This grand mansion oozes elegance after all this time, as it communicates the stories of our southern ancestors through the awe inspiring architecture, and the emotions it stirs as you walk through this place so very rich with history.

{The House on the Hill}

{into the past}

{keeping watch}

{through the looking glass}

{"Let the tour begin!"}

{the details tell the story}

{once upon a time}


{who goes there?}

{A ruffled mind makes a restless pillow. - Charlotte Bronte}

{little baby doll}

{why is a raven like a writing desk?}

{Palladian Porch}

{beautiful house under blue skies}

{dramatic design}

{a ghostly resident?}

{who's watching me?}

{notice anything peculiar about these cards?}

{no other instrument can match the piano's mystery}

{under lock & key}

{seeing the sights while having a snack}

{Fun with Dad}

{Peekaboo, I see you....times two!}

{back to reality}

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