A Glimpse into the Future?

Hudson's little buddy Landon rode down the street to our house the other day in his brand new birthday gift....a blue Jeep Wrangler Hot Wheels Car! Seeing these two sweet boys hanging out in his Jeep, I couldn't help but wonder: Were we getting a glimpse into the future?

{"Beep Beep! Is Hudson home?"}

{"Wow, Landon! Nice ride!"}

{"Let me check out the steering wheel."}

{"Landon will drive very carefully, and we won't be gone long, Mom. I promise!"}

{"....and we'll try not to pick up any cute girls!"}

{"Yeah, let's get some cd's out of the trunk!"}

{"And you better check the engine, too!"}

{"I love Jeep rides!"}

{"I'm glad we're friends!"}

{"Watch out, World! Here we come!"}

{The year 2025?}

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Lisa said...

Awww! How cute are our boys!?! I love the "I'm glad we're friends" picture. Precious! Landon loves his little buddy Hudson!