Five years ago, on the Second of July, 2005, I married my best friend.
I'll never, ever forget....

{....the way my heart skipped as I waited to see my groom for the first time that day.}

{....the spring in his step and his sweet smile as he hurried to greet me under the beautiful, sunny July sky.}

{....how good it felt to hug my fiance for the last time, because in just a few short hours I would be hugging my husband.}

{....how Mother Nature did not disappoint me, sprouting fresh, purple wildflowers and lush, weepy ferns that perfectly complimented my blue hydrangea bouquet, in celebration of our very special day.}

{....the way we giggled when the photographer told us to kiss for the camera, for the 600th time that day.}

{....how our images of bride & groom reflected perfectly in the calm waters surrounding the place where we would say "I do".}

{....how I was able to forget about how very hot it was on that amazing day, but I was unable to ignore my painful shoes.}

{....smiling for millions of pictures, while secretly wishing we could skip to the important part.}

{....how fortunate I felt to be surrounded by two amazing families.}

{....the bittersweet feeling of sharing my wedding day with my sweet Grandma, my last living grandparent. And how I wished my Grandpa, Granny, and Paw had been there, too.}

{....not feeling very nervous the moments before the ceremony, but desperately wanting a Coke.}

{....how excited I was as my dad and I approached the ceremony in our beautiful 'surprise' transportation.}

{....the way we sat quietly in the back of the garden, unbeknownst to the waiting crowd, listening to the wonderful sounds of the string quartet, and the quiet beat of the horse's hooves as it stood patiently in the grass.}

{....how I was worried that I would trip over the many layers of my gorgeous dress, and told my Dad a hundred times not to let me fall.}

{....joining Will and the Minister after a perfect walk up the aisle, my Dad giving me away, and standing happily between my wonderful friends and family.}

{...the sound of my wedding ring, as it slipped from the Minister's hands, and bounced on the concrete.  And how hard I willed it not to roll into the water. (Don't worry, it was close, but we caught it, while hearing a collective sigh of relief from the gasping crowd!)}

{....the perfect prayer after the most perfect ceremony.}

{....true happiness, as Will kissed his bride.}

{....how surprised I was when the quartet began to play 'Some Enchanted Evening' as the fountains in the water erupted tall and beautifully, unexpectedly spouting in unison with one of my favorite songs.}

{....how I smiled so much my cheeks hurt as we rode in the carriage, around the gardens on our way to the reception, in our first few glorious moments as husband and wife.}

{....how proud I felt as we walked hand in hand into a gorgeous room full of applause.}

{....how perfectly pretty our blue wedding cake was.}

{....how good it felt to toast to us!}

{....how I was naughty and shoved a large chunk of Groom's Cake into Will's mouth, even though I had threatened him that if he had done the same to me I would be thouroughly upset.}

{....having fun Father/Daughter dancing to "She", by Elvis Costello, and feeling proud of myself that I didn't cry....}

{...even though my mom did. And wanting nothing more in that moment than to run over, hug her, and thank her for all she did to make my day perfect.}

{....how good it felt to bustle my dress, let loose, and dance the night away with my true love. From our First Dance, Al Greene's "Let's Stay Together", to our Last Dance, "The Way You Look Tonight", sung by Tony Bennett.}

{....escaping through a sea of sparklers.}

{....stuffing my huge, beautiful dress into the tiny backseat of a black, vintage car.}

{....waving goodbye as we embarked on a fabulous journey, sharing our life together.}

Five years ago, we shared the most perfect day. We've had so much fun together. Just the two of us....

But on August 12th, 2009, our love grew even larger....

{....when we welcomed the most beautiful blessing....}

{....and started having even more fun. Just the three of us.}

I can't wait to see what the future holds for our family. So here's to our wedding day, today, and the FIVE years in between! 


Jeannie said...

Ashley what a beautiful post. Where has the time gone. You were a beautiful bride and Will a handsome groom. I enjoyed watching the video and seeing how you two have changed. That was a wonderful day even though it was hot!! You got your dream wedding in the beautiful Botantical Gardens. More sweet memories to come with precious little Hudson.

abehel said...

Ashley, I enjoyed seeing your wedding pictures again. You had a beautiful wedding. And now you have a beautiful baby boy. Happy Anniversary!

cooperl788 said...

Congrats on 5 years! Your wedding was absolutely stunning, and your family portrait at the end was adorable.