Beach Week - Love at First Dip

"Be a fish swimming against the current, and be a tree swaying against the breeze.”

Since the oil spill had stopped us from swimming in the salty blue waters of the ocean, we spent quite a bit of time at the pool. The resort that we stayed in had seven pools, but we only visited one; The largest pool on the grounds, it consisted of a huge deep end, a shallow area, and a large section that was perfect for Hudson, at only about 2 feet deep. Hudson loves most anything to do with water. Bath time is his favorite, and he even enjoys checking out the water at our local Splash Pad. I had a pretty good feeling that he would love the swimming pool. Armed with a brand new float in hand, we took our sweet little swimmer decked out in his seersucker trunks to the refreshing pool for his very first dip. And as expected, he absolutely loved it. His float was the perfect size, and he loved lying back in it, and kicking his little feet. As the days passed, he got more and more brave in the water. He would paddle his self around, floating away from both Will and I, giving teasing little smiles. He knew that we would be hovering very closely, but he liked the feeling of bobbing around in the water, turning this way and that. There were a few other little kiddies at the pool, and he liked watching them play. By the last day, he had begun to quickly dip his little face into the water, experimenting in his very own way. I'm proud of my courageous little boy, who so often is fearless in brand new situations. I foresee a lot of swimming in our future!

{"What are we doing, Dad?"}

{"I guess this is pretty fun."}

{"Am I supposed to do something?"}

{"I'm kicking my feet!"}

{"Yes, this is quite relaxing."}

{"Oh, okay. I admit it. I'm having lots of fun."}

{"Don't mind me...just going for a spin in my super cool float!"}

{"Hey Dad? Where's your float?"}

{splish splash}

{swimming with Mom}


{"Can I get a little push, please?"}

{we love swimming}

{important conversations}

{perfect day at the pool}

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Jeannie said...

Cute pictures! Hudson did enjoy the pool.