Rubber Ducky, are you the one?

Hudson loves taking baths. For the past ten months, he's soaked in a little blue, plastic vessel, lined with a spongy teal padding to keep his tiny baby body upright and nestled safely during bath time.  As he has been sitting up on his own for quite some time now,  and his legs can no longer stretch out to perform his trademark splashing in the water, I felt that it was definitely time for a bigger bathtub.  I picked up the cutest little tub at Target, the Munchkin Duck Bathtub. It's an inflatable one, in the shape of a rubber ducky, which fits comfortably into the big bathtub. I knew Hudson would be crazy about his big duck tub, because he both loves to play in the water and he has never taken a soak without his little rubber ducky bath toy in hand. Did I mention that if you squeeze the beak of the duck tub, it quacks? How could Hudson not love it?

Friday night rolled along, and I was anxious to introduce Hudson to his brand new bathtub, so we trudged happily into the  bathroom where I had already prepared the duck with lukewarm water. Will was right there with us, ready with the camera to catch Hudson's uncontainable excitement on film. Only Hudson didn't get excited. As I lowered him into the duck tub, he shrieked in screams of terror that I have never heard before. His tiny little hands gripped my shoulder tightly, and tears streamed quickly down his face! I hadn't thought for one second that our brave little guy would be afraid of a new bathtub! But, he was afraid. Terrified to be exact. Poor baby wouldn't even dip a toe in to test the water! After a few minutes of trying to calm him down, we decided it would be best to drain the duck, and pull out the trusty infant tub, once again. After a slight hesitation, Hudson realized that the blue, plastic bathtub was, in fact, familiar territory, and he quickly returned to his happy, water-splashing self.

Later that night, Will decided to bring the duck tub, now fully dried out, into the living room. Hudson was a bit standoffish at first, but after a while he began to toss his toys into the duck, and then courageously fish them out. Then, he began to pull on its beak. Quack Quack Quack. He was familiarizing himself with something that had been oh, so scary a short while earlier. The next day, I continued to let him play in the duck, and he continued to grow more comfortable. By that night, I decided we should try out the duck at bath time, once more. After a little bit of gentle coaxing, Hudson successfully sat in the duck tub, in the bathtub. Instead of submerging him in the tub already filled with water, I let him sit there dry for a couple of minutes. I then poured the warm water over him, as I have always done in his tiny tub. He smiled, finally realizing the duck tub might be alright, after all. By the end of his bath, he was truly enjoying himself. And he even had enough room to stretch his legs out and splash away.

{Where's your happy face?}

{Big Duck Tub}


{Rubber Ducky, you're the one! Making bath time so much fun!}


Jeannie said...

What a beautiful baby!! He looks a little unsure in the first picture. I like the duck tub. Hudson I love you.

abehel said...

Hudson, you are a precious little character. You always bring a smile to my face when i look at your pictures. Love the duck tub!

Summer T said...

That duck tub would have scared me too! It is really cute though. :)