Newsletter from Mommy- Month 10

My Dearest Hudson,

Wow! It honestly blows my mind that you are already ten months old! You are growing so fast, and while a part of me feels like shouting, "SLOW DOWN!", another part of me gets really excited about all your newfound abilities and latest discoveries. I truly enjoy watching you develop into such a sweet little boy.

This month has been defined by just how active you are! You are crawling everywhere, and fast! You crawl from one toy to the next....from the front door to take a look outside, to the refrigerator to pull off the magnets....from the hallway to the dining room table....anywhere you want to explore, you can get there. Whether there be obstacles in your way, or not, you are a determined little fellow, and you always get to where you desire to go. One of your favorite things to do is climb on daddy's footstool. You like to hoist yourself up, perched precariously on your belly with your arms and legs splayed. And you'll hang out there, until you get bored, at which time you will roll yourself off into the floor with a tiny thud, smiling your biggest smile. As soon as you perfected your crawling, within one short day you had also perfected your pulling up on objects around the house. We had to move the coffee table out of the center of the living room, simply because you are always on the go. About two and a half weeks ago, your Dad and I decided, for your own safety, to trek to Target and purchase a safety gate/fence to keep you from pulling up on the furniture and injuring yourself. And as of three days ago, you had already figured out how to escape. Like a master contortionist, in the blink of an eye, your wiggly little body could slip through the smallest crack, and quickly you would wriggle free of the obstructing safety fence, and crawl happily throughout the free area of the living room, pulling up on your favorite piece of furniture....the cabinet at the center of the room, on which the television sits.  I finally just gave up and decided to take down the gate, and let you roam free, although always under my very watchful eye. You've gotten so steady on your feet, I hate to contain you in such a small space. You love to pull up on Dad's chair, the side table, where you always attempt to open and close the drawer, the front glass door, where you stand and watch the cars go by, the tv cabinet, where you poise yourself with arms spread wide and neck craned back so you can watch your favorite show, Yo Gabba Gabba, the dining room chairs, and even the back door where you squeal while banging on the glass to get the attention of your two big dogs, Lulu and Kota. You are moving everywhere. And you have great balance, as you hardly ever fall down, and have perfect form as you squat slowly with hands out to catch yourself when you decide you have had enough standing and would prefer to crawl to the next exciting place in the house.

This month you added TWO new words to your vocabulary. You are so amazing. Each week I receive an email from Babycenter.com that alerts me of certain milestones that I can expect in relation to your specific age. Yesterday, on your 10 Month Birthday, I received my newsletter from Babycenter, and promptly read it, as I do every month. It alerted me that I could expect my baby's first words at around 1 year old....and then they added that a small percent of babies do say their first words as young as 8 Months. Well, my sweet boy, I suppose that you are ahead of the curve, because you now say a grand total of FIVE words at 10 Months old, and to be clear, you do seem to know what each word means. First was "Mama", then soon after "Dada". You will utter our respective names when each of us enters into the room, or if you are upset. You definitely know how to get our attention, with your sweet voice calling out for "Mama" or "Dada". Your third word was "Bye-Bye". Although you don't really have the waving motion down (you've only done it a couple of times), you will usually repeat "Bye-Bye" if we say it to you. And this month you added two new words, drumroll please!, "Tickle" and "Nah-Nah" (no-no)! Yaaaay for you, you brilliant baby Hudson! I think you picked up on tickle, because I say that to you quite a bit during the day,when we are playing, and I tickle your little legs or tummy. You love when we play, you smile and open your mouth so wide in excitement! And a lot of times you will mumble "Nah-Nah" as you are crawling around. The other night, while I was bathing you, I called your Daddy into the bathroom because you were doing a lot of babbling. Then you began shaking your head, as if you were shaking your head no. I asked your Daddy if I usually shake my head when I tell you no-no, and I proceeded to make the motion and say "No-No" at the same time. Just as Daddy was telling me that I do, in fact, shake my head from side to side when I typically say no, you began to shake your head and say "Nah-Nah". You didn't even look up at me; it was as though you were mocking me. I guess it's as they say, Monkey See Monkey Do. You are most definitely the cutest monkey I've ever seen!

You have really begun to enjoy your food. Your favorite is the yogurt you have for breakfast every morning. You prefer either peach or strawberry, and you gobble it down with vigor! You have also started to love your snacks during the day. Your favorites are Cheerios and Peach Yogurt Bites. You are such a healthy little guy!

Your sleep schedule is truly a dream come true! You have been sleeping through the night since about 3 months old, and you have continued to do so until now. You like to sleep late, until around 9:30 a.m. or 10:00 a.m., and I, of course, am perfectly content with that....I'm not much of a morning person. You are never upset when you wake up, and I love to see your sweet smile greet me as soon as you open your eyes.  You love your crib, and when you wake up in the mornings you sometimes like to just play and talk. I'll watch you on your monitor and let you romp in your cozy crib until you are standing up looking for me. You get so excited when you see me come to get you to begin our morning routine, and you get extra excited on the weekends when "Dada" welcomes you at the beginning of your day.

The summertime is the perfect season for you, because you love to spend time outside. We usually wait for Daddy in the afternoons, settled on a huge soft quilt. You like to crawl around, pick up grass, and push your ball around. You also love water, and anything that has to do with getting wet....bathtime, boat rides....you are my sweet little fish. You are so fun-loving and your personality is shining more and more each day. I couldn't have wished for a sweeter, happier, more loving baby. Happy 10 Months! I love you so very much my little Hudson.


{"Did you want me to pose?"}



{"I'm not sure...I don't really feel like having my picture taken."}

{"Let me do a little bit of stretching!"}

{"Okay, here's a big smile!"}

{"Time to stop & smell the flowers!"}

{"I'm 10 months old now....}

{...such a big boy."}

{Happy 10 Months, little angel!}


Jeannie said...

Ten Months!! We have been so busy enjoying every minute of his life that the time has just flown by. We enjoyed spending time with the three of you on Saturday, what a fun day we had. Those pictures are so cute, he is like his "Mama" very photogenic.

abehel said...

Hudson has grown so much since i last saw him. The picture where he is smiling is so precious. Happy tenth month Hudson!

Summer T said...

He sure is getting big and is so very smart!
I can't believe how much he looks like you as a baby in the stretching picture. :)