Memorial Day Memories

We pulled out of Florence that morning looking forward to a day filled with all the good things a sunny Memorial Day spent at the lake could bring....Never mind the dark, ominous clouds covering the sky as we traveled quickly down those winding county roads....

We were making our way to visit my cousin Summer and her husband Brad for the holiday. The two of them had graciously invited us to spend some time at Brad's family lake house, located on gorgeous Smith Lake. Will, Hudson, and I were prepared for a hot day in the sun, dressed in swimsuits and a thick lather of sunscreen. As we whirled through the rolling hills that surround the lake, the blue sky suddenly turned black. Storm clouds were rolling in, and they were thick. As we passed a rickety, wooden house, it's front yard covered with hundred year Oaks whipping in the wind, I nudged Will and told him I felt like Dorothy....only we weren't in Kansas. And luckily, although by appearance the weather was scary, this wasn't a tornado.

We were only a few miles away from the Turner Lake House, and the clouds were rumbling, dropping spurts of hard rain. Thankfully, the storm was moving pretty swiftly, so by the time we crept into the driveway, the rain had stopped. Unfortunately, the gray skies stuck around for most of the early hours of our visit. Of course we made the best of it, though. The Turners were very hospitable, and there was plenty to do to pass the time during inclement weather....So while Will & Brad shot a couple of games of pool, and Hudson explored the large basement playroom, playing with Brad's sister Angie and her huge stuffed animal horse, my cousin and I relished in a little video game rivalry. Some of my fondest memories with Summer involve playing games and revelling in a little friendly competition. When we were very young, the two of us would camp out in front of the tv, playing Mario Brothers 2 on our Nintendo for hours upon hours. When I was on bedrest before Hudson was born, Summer came to keep me company during one of the many slow days I spent on the couch, and before we settled in watching one of our old favorite movies, Oscar, we played RayMan's Raving Rabbits on the Wii until our wrists hurt.  So it's no surprise that when faced with rain clouds, we decided to play a few fast-paced, exciting games of Mario Kart.  

A couple of hours passed, and the much-awaited sunshine entered into view, bringing with it blue skies, fluffy white clouds, and happiness! We filled our tummies with delicious cheeseburgers and watermelon, and went outside to enjoy a spin in the boat....Hudson's very first time on the water! He looked so sweet, packed tightly into his toddler life vest. As the boat picked up speed, and the breeze blew into his face, he closed his eyes, and enjoyed the ride. We saw lots of fun things: a marina with surprisingly large fish that swim right up to the dock to eat Saltines, young kids showing off their moves on neon colored waverunners, and even a rock dam at the edge of the lake. Despite the cloudy start, our day was filled with so much fun in the sun.

Hudson seems to be turning into quite the little fish...he sure does love the water! Thanks Summer & Brad, we had a wonderful time at the lake!

{Rain, Rain, go away!}

{Getting ready for Hudson's 1st Boat Ride}

{Sweet Little Fish in his life jacket.}

{Our kind hosts, Brad & Summer}

{"I can't move my head....only my big eyes."}

{big fish enjoy a cracker feast}

{Angie & super cool Hudson}

{Brad & Summer feeding the fish}

{handsome hubby}

{feeling relaxed on the boat}

{Rock Dam}

{riding back to the house}

{good times at the lake}


{Storm clouds re-emerge as we head back to Florence...}


Jeannie said...

Oh how sweet, can Hudson get any cuter. Good pictures of all of you. Looks like a beautiful place!! I think he and Angie hit it off. Hudson is like you and his granddad you never meet a stranger. I'm glad you got to spend some time with Summer & Brad.

Summer T said...

So glad you all could come visit us. You will have to come back soon so we can ride the jetski.
We really enjoyed having you there and we had a lot of fun. Brad & I are looking forward to seeing you soon. :)

abehel said...

Hudson looks so sweet in his life vest and cap.