Life is Good Today.

It was just another delightful day, as we made our weekly escape to the park for a relaxing lunch. It seemed as though the whole town came out for the festivities. There were young moms surrounded by happy children that buzzed around the grassy lawn with gleaming smiles and curly ponytails. There were sweet little elderly couples, who listened to the music from their worn in lawn chairs while holding hands. And there were even a few young men who performed impromptu dance routines featuring the slippery backwards slide of the "Moonwalk", after requesting that the featured musician, a country singer, play his version of Michael Jackson's hit song, Billie Jean. And, of course, there was the three of us, tucked away in our little corner of the lovely park, enjoying all that the beautiful afternoon had to offer.  

{sunshine day}


{Will singing along to the music..."Life is Good Today."}

{nothing like a cool bottle of milk on a hot summer day}

{blue skies}

{he's not satisfied if he's sitting down}

{Dancing with Mommy}

{Wilson Park}

{Kisses from Dad}

{Not a worry in the world. Yes, life is good today!}

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Jeannie said...

OH, what sweet feet Hudson has. You look like the perfect little family. Good pictures!!!