The Great Outdoors

Sometimes it's important to go outside. Take a walk. Breathe some fresh air.

Sometimes it's important to take a look at all of the breathtaking nature that surrounds you.  Notice the colors of the leaves that dangle high from the treetops, and the blades of grass that you tread upon with each step you take. Savor the scents of wildflowers that sprout from the supple ground and the wonderful smell of fresh rain. Listen to the sounds of the birds that beckon to one another, flying high above the green, rushing creek.

Sometimes it's important to turn off the television, and escape. Enjoy the great outdoors, and all of the beauty that is free for the taking. Relish in the quiet solitude of a walk through amazing scenery that lies just beyond your door.

Sometimes it's important to walk hand in hand, while pushing your beautiful baby boy ahead of you in his green stroller that just matches the color of the trees, and the grass, and the green creek water. Just the three of us, owl watching in the woods. Just the three of us, swept away with the beauty of the night sky.

Sometimes it's important to just be. Just the three of us.

{Leave No Trace}

{basking in the warm glow of the evening sun}

{Hudson know how to enjoy a peaceful moment of solitude.}

{rushing water}

{nature's sanctuary}

{beauty just beyond our back yard}

{disappearing down rain-soaked trails}

{amazing nature...the aftermath of a recent lightning strike}


{All is quiet.}

{memories are made of this}

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