Welcome Baby Cousin!

On May 20th, at 9:19 p.m., Will's sister Liza gave birth to a beautiful little girl, Henrietta Elizabeth, lovingly called "Henri" for short. On Henri's first day home, Will, Hudson, and I dropped by to visit. Liza and I had anxiously been awaiting the day that Henri and Hudson would meet, thus beginning what we hope will be a lifelong friendship.

Little Hudson wasn't very sure about Henrietta, wrapped ever so tightly in soft pink blankets, a tiny pink hairbow atop her head....he peered over, gazing into the swaddled layers, and simply stared at her. We, luckily, caught this very precious first meeting on film....

{first glimpse}

{"But I've never seen a baby smaller than me?"}

{happy little mommies}

{Liza, Henri, Hudson, & Will}

{Welcome to the family, Henrietta! We love you!}


Jeannie said...

Congratulations to Liza. Baby Henri is so cute. I
would like to know what Hudson is thinking!!

Summer T said...

So happy that Henri is here! I'm sure the two of them will have lots of fun together.