Wax or Real?

Don't adjust your browsers, ladies. This image is in fact of a wax Robert Pattinson, also known as Edward Cullen for all you Twilight fans! Madame Tussaud's unveiled Pattinson's wax doppelgaanger a few weeks ago in London. I think they did a pretty good job! Each detail is just so, right down to his scruffy facial hair. I even read that he dressed his wax figure with his own clothes! I suppose wax Pattinson is pretty accurate....looks like the girls are crazy for him!

Here are a few pics of my celebrity encounters, both wax and real, taken before Hudson was born.

{Me with Rachael Ray, 2008}

{Me with Keith Urban, 2003}
Kind. Friendly. Funny. Down to Earth.

{Me & Will with Rudy Giuliani, 2008}

{me with Jordan Knight, 2004}
shy. quiet. strange. aloof. unsociable.

{Will with Madonna, 2008}

{Justin Timberlake, 2007}
most exciting performer ever. talkative. fun. charming.
{Me with Elvis, 2007}
--neither. computer generated at Graceland.--

{John Mayer, 2007}
witty. talented. silly. handsome.

{My bff Lisa and I with Hugh Grant, 2008}

{Pink, 2007}
energetic. tiny.

{Me with Leo DiCaprio, 2008}

{Michael Buble, 2008}
 classy. amazing. small. sociable.

{Will with Charlie Chaplin, 2008}

{me with Kenny Chesney, 2003}
arrogant. miniature-sized. cocky. bald.

{Me & Will outside the Ed Sullivan Theatre*, 2008}
*which is the closest camera evidence I was able to get of our experience at the filming of The Late Show with David Letterman (no cameras allowed inside), where we sat unbelievably close to the stage....while Dave interviewed TOM HANKS!

David Letterman- snobbish. introverted. reserved.
Tom Hanks- hilarious. attractive. outgoing. pleasant. engaging.

Have you ever met a celebrity?


Summer T said...

I have.... John Mayer, Jordan Knight (with you), Afroman, Angie Aparo, Shawn Mullins and a few other musicians that you probably have and have not heard of. :)

Kenny Chesney's head looks so tiny! I didn't know you met Keith Urban! And we should have met Justin!

Kerri said...

You know, you're not the first person I've heard say that Kenny Chesney is arrogant! My sister-in-law met him backstage a couple of years ago and said the same thing. Also? She's 5'8" and towered over him. You're right about the miniature sized thing. Still love his music though!