On the Move

Last week Hudson perfected his crawling....he's now completely mobile. He's crawling everywhere at high rates of speed, and pulling up on everything within his reach.

Last week, Hudson's little life got much more exciting.

And, last week, life for Mom & Dad got much more interesting.


Jeannie said...

Hudson you are really on the move now! Mommy has her hands full. You look so sweet, I love that smile.

Heligirl said...

Oh what an adorable little dude! My guy has perfected the same in the last couple of weeks too and man, life does get more busy doesn't it? My little guy is my second child and my first (2 1/2 year old girl) is obviously past putting every piece of dirt and whatnot she finds in her mouth, sticking her finger in plugs, touching things she's not supposed to, etc. I had a bit of a break there and now we're having to switch back into that constant vigilance - vacuuming every morning, stopping the dogs before they come in for a dirt and dingleberry check, etc. But it's sure cool to head down the hall and look back to see that smiling little face as he chases after you, isn't it!