Newsletter from Mommy: Month 9

My sweet Hudson,

Did you know that last Wednesday you turned 9 months old? I know, it's hard to believe that you are only three short months away from being a one year old! This past month has been filled with so many milestones and changes....

In a month's time, you have accomplished so many things. You are now an expert crawler...long gone are the days of the army crawl with the elbow scoot. You move quickly on your little hands and knees, and you can get from one room to another before we even know it. You love to sneak out into the hallway, because there you can find things you are not supposed to play with....like the tiny, red dirt devil vacuum. You scoot your little self into the hall, and bang the vacuum on the floor until all the dust has fallen out and settled all around you.  And you know how to smile and giggle when Mom says no. In fact, the louder I pronounce, "No No, Hudson", the larger your smile. At nine months old, you've already got me figured out. It sure is hard to be angry with such a cute, charming little guy. You are really on the move...As soon as you perfected your crawling, you also decided to pull up on the furniture. You are standing all the time, and I am so proud of you. You also know how to get yourself back down to the floor from an upright position, even when you're in a precarious pose, wedged between the bars of your bouncy, holding on to your dangling toy frog for dear life. Another first this month? Teeth! Two of them, in fact, right in the front, on the bottom. I used to think that I would be very sad when you no longer had your sweet toothless grin, but I'm not, because your little toothy smile is cuter than I ever imagined it would be.

Unfortunately this last month, you caught a nasty little cold that has been lingering for weeks. You had your first bad cough, which just broke my heart. And, our trip to the doctor's office last week revealed that you have not one, but two ear infections, for which you had to receive a painful shot in your chubby little thigh. It sure was hard to see you so upset, but I hope that you get to feeling better very soon. At your appointment you weighed 21.2 pounds, in the 50-75th percentile, and you measured  29 1/4 inches tall, in the 75th percentile. You are becoming such a big boy!

Very quickly, right before our eyes, you have begun to change from a "baby" to a "little person", so full of energy and personality. You're a defiant little guy sometimes, and you definitely believe that you have everything figured out. You know that if you throw your toy down, Mommy or Daddy will jump to pick it up for you, so you promptly repeat tossing it to the floor. You especially like to play that game when we are out in public. You clearly express your displeasure at certain times....like, when we so rudely attempt to change you into pajamas after your bath; How dare we disturb you when you are perfectly content being naked in your bath towel? You can now pick up things using your thumb and forefinger, and often have them poised just in case something good appears. You really know how to make us laugh; the other day, Daddy and I were bumbling around, getting the car loaded up, in the hopes for setting off on some sort of adventure with you. Daddy was holding you, and I caught up with the two of you in the hallway. I was talking in a serious tone to Daddy, and as usual, I was continuing on and on, while he just stood there, cradling you in his arms and listening. And then your little face caught my eye...you had the biggest smile. I'm not sure if you thought what I was saying was funny, or what, but your little sweet face made me smile right back at you. Then, as Daddy and I talked about your humongous grin, we began giggling a little bit, and you immediately burst out in laughter. We would laugh, then you would laugh, and this continued on for a good five minutes. You are so funny, and we've been blessed with many rounds of your infectious laughter lately.

As I rock you in my arms, I think about how the days are flying by, and how you'll soon be walking and will have turned into a bonafide little boy, no longer a baby. Sometimes I wonder if I've truly reveled in my experience with you thus far; Have I remembered to relish each tiny moment?. And I know I have. I think about all the time I've spent staring down at your tiny, sleeping face, memorizing the way your long eyelashes rest oh-so-softly on your soft cheeks. I think about all the naps we've taken, snuggled in together, as I cuddle you and your breath comes out in sweet little puffs. I truly don't know if I could have spent more time or energy loving you with all of my heart, and completely immersing myself in your amazing little life. For that I am eternally grateful. No regrets. I am truly thankful for every second I have spent with you for the last nine months. My heart is full with love for you. I am so blessed to have you as my son.

I love you more and more each and every day.

Hugs and Kisses,

{"Does this dog bite?"}

{"Good dog."}

{precious profile}

{little bundle of love}

{sweetie pie}

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Jeannie said...

Ashley what a cute picture of little Hudson. It is hard to believe he is 9 months old. He has given us so much joy these 9 months. I sure would like to see him!!!