Music in the Park

I find the best days are those that have spontaneous little surprises. Yesterday was a beautiful, breezy day...and the three of us decided to pack up and head towards our local downtown park to enjoy lunch.  Hudson and I zoomed over to Will's work, picked him up, and we were on our way.  On Wednesdays throughout the summer months, Wilson Park hosts local musicians who perform for a couple of hours during lunch time.  As we searched for a soft grassy spot to sit and listen to the band, we spotted Will's mom, brother, and sister hanging out in lawn chairs with ice cold Coca-Cola's. It was fun to spend a little time with them, while also enjoying lovely local music and beautiful, shimmery sunshine on our shoulders.

Hudson adores being outside. He especially loves when there is a lot of commotion.  He carefully watches his surroundings, wearing his most serious facial expressions. Yesterday he was especially intrigued by the little girl to our left; she and her mother had also come to the park for lunch, and they had brought with them their pet bird! You can see all kinds of things in our town.....

{paying the parking meter}

{"I can do it."}

 {This is fun!}

{enjoying music in the park}


{"I love you, Dad!"}

{Shoals Local Music}

{checking out the fountain}

{little sweetie}


{and kisses}

{"Okay, Daddy! That's enough!"}

{"Let's go home now, Mommy."}

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