Music and Merriment

Music in the Park has quickly become a Wednesday afternoon institution for our little family of three. This past week, the sun was shining brightly, so we once again headed towards beautiful Wilson Park in downtown Florence to enjoy some fun in the sun.

It wasn't too crowded, and we had a soft blanket to rest upon. We heard a great local musician sing fun summer tunes by Jimmy Buffett. Will and I ate lunch while Hudson sat happily, people watching and grooving to the music.  Friends came and went, the sun beat down warmly on grown-up noses and baby knees, and all the while, Hudson kept on smiling.

I am thankful that the three of us get to enjoy spontaneous summer lunches together in the gorgeous surroundings of our town. I am grateful that Hudson is content hanging out and listening to beachy melodies as they echo around him. And, I am fortunate to have a city with so many inhabitants that share the beautiful things they do in their lives, whether it be creating inspiring artwork or exquisite music. I can't wait until our next Wednesday in the park!

{fun in the park}

{singing in the sunshine}

{swaying in the shade}

{showing off some dance moves}

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abehel said...

Hudson looks like he is getting a suntan while enjoying the music scene. Can't wait to see him again! Such a sweetie.