List Eleven - Little Things that Fascinate Baby Hudson

Will and I are amazed by all the little things that catch Hudson's attention. Ever since he was a tiny baby, he has been fascinated with certain objects around the house. Now that he's nine months old, he's into everything....but still paying attention to life's little details.

1. Shoes
Hudson loves shoes....Mommy's strappy sandals, Daddy's suede slippers, even his tiny red Keds. Now that he is crawling, we must be sure that no shoes are lying around the house, because they go straight to his mouth. No matter if they are hidden under the couch, behind a door, or even in the closet, he'll locate them. He's a real shoe connoisseur.

{He found Mommy's shoe!}

2. Grass
You may remember the video of Hudson discovering grass. One brisk day last March, as we sat outside on a blanket, he reached his sweet little hand into the cool, green unknown that surrounded him...and immediately became infatuated.  I've gradually increased the size of our outside play quilt, in order to try to keep him on the soft surface, rather than the itchy grass....but it never works. No matter what toys I have, or what games I try to play, he's not content unless he's hanging his little arms from the side of the blanket, grabbing handfuls of grass.
{grass grabbing}

3. Our Front Door Knocker
One day, when Hudson had first accomplished grasping objects, Will was walking him around the living room. He strode over to the front door, which was open, and he and Hudson were peering outside.  Hudson was content watching the leaves blow in the wind, and then something caught his eye...our front door knocker, brushed gold with our name engraved upon it, a gift we received from my parents early in our marriage.  He slowly reached his tiny hand, grasped the cool surface, and gave it a good knock. Ever since he realized that the shiny object on our front door could produce such satisfying knocking sounds, he has always reached for it.
{"Knock Knock! Anybody home?"}

4. Jewelry
Hudson loves jewelry, the sparkly the better. Necklaces, earrings, rings....anything he can get his little hands on. When I nestle him into my arms to give him his bottle, his tiny fingers immediately reach for my hands, and he feels his way to my fingers, searching for my rings. He then slowly twists the ring on my finger, back and forth. When we go out, running errands or exploring town, Hudson is endlessly occupied by my beaded necklaces. He grabs them, twists them, and jingles them. And anytime I wear earrings, large or small, whether they're dangly or not, he searches and reaches for them, grabbing and tugging.
{Hudson makes a grab for Lisa's necklace}

5. Our Dogs
For the longest time, Hudson seemed to simply ignore our two outdoor dogs, Lulu and Kota.  Although they are large, furry, and very friendly, Hudson wanted nothing to do with them for months. Then, suddenly, a few weeks ago he started to notice them.  His intrigue began one sunny afternoon when he and I were enjoying the shade of the back porch, he in his swing, and I pushing him, watching as a light breeze feathered through his wispy hair. The dogs were on the porch, as well, laying lazily in the best cool spots they could find. Then they began to stir, jumping up and playing with each other. Hudson got soo excited, smiling and squeaking as he watched from his swinging perch.  Since then, he's gotten more and more comfortable with our cuddly creatures. He loves to sit in his walker on the back porch, while the dogs circle happily around him. They know not to get close to him, so they are great at keeping their distance....but, Hudson has learned to screech at them while holding out his sweet little hand, as if he's calling them. The dogs usually look to Will and I, making sure it's okay to move closer to the baby, and if we approve they'll step gingerly toward Hudson. He then reaches out his hand, and grabs a handful of ear, or nose, whatever he can snag. The dogs love it...and Hudson does too, as he smiles and shrieks in delight.
{Lulu & Kota}

6. Music
As a newborn baby, Hudson was always soothed by the soft sound of lullabies as I rocked him to sleep. As he got a little older, he loved to swing in his boppy swing, watching the little cloth birds that danced above his head, while listening to the tunes of his Baby Einstein Symphony c.d. And now that he's 9 months old, he loves most any kind of music. We've never had trouble with him riding in his car seat, both short and long trips, as long as we've got the tunes cranked up! He loves watching shows on TV that feature music, from Yo Gabba Gabba to American Idol. Wherever we are, whenever a song is playing, his attention turns to the source, and he sits very still, quietly taking in each note.
{listening to live music in the park}

7. Air Vents
The air vents in our house are located in the floor, and last week Hudson discovered that they are pretty fun....I saw that he was sneaking behind the chair in the living room, and I assumed he was going to look out the front door, as he so often does. When I heard a clanging, I was slightly startled. I peeked behind the cushion of my seat, and there I spotted my little mischievous man, slapping his hand onto the metal vent. He was delighted with the clattering sounds he was so easily creating. Then, the air conditioning came on, and a cold breeze blew briskly towards his little face....and instead of getting scared, he got excited! I've spotted him heading towards the air vent quite a bit the past few days, looking for a shot of cool air and an impromptu drumming session.
{fun with the air vent}

(11 down, 41 to go)

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Jeannie said...

Hudson is a little grabber and a quick one!! He looks so cute in these pictures with his little rosy cheeks. Good picture of you Hudson and Lisa. I like his little Arts Alive t-shirt.