I'm a MOP.

Last Thursday, my friend Lisa invited Hudson and I to our first MOPS meeting. If you are not familiar with this organization, MOPS stands for Mothers of PreSchoolers, and it's basically a support group for mothers of young children. MOPS recognizes the incredibly important task that mothers are taking on, and offers a unique opportunity for the mothers to get together, enjoy conversation, and receive encouragement and advice from one another. It's also a wonderful place to forge friendships with other women. 

When we arrived at the meeting, which was actually held at our own church, our associate pastor, Joy, invited us to go ahead and take our little boys down the hall to the nursery. Although I knew that everything would be fine, I immediately felt a sense of dread....you see, I have never left Hudson with anyone other than our family.  Lisa and I took the long walk down the hallway, and took a deep breath as we entered the nursery full of colorful blocks and children's books. Landon immediately began to play, and Hudson was whisked away by one of the young nursery workers. He had on his serious face....not sad, but unsure. I thought my heart would break. I had imagined this moment in my mind, and each time I had pictured it, Hudson had been clinging to me with all of his might, wordlessly begging me not to leave him. Well, it didn't exactly happen that way....and I would be lying if I said I hadn't wished he would cry for his mommy. I was kind of hoping he would be inconsolable, and then with a sigh, I would say, "Well, I guess I'll just have to take him with me to the meeting." But things don't always go the way you expect, and instead of Hudson crying, it was me who got teary in the hallway. Thank goodness for Lisa, who consoled me....she, too, had experienced her first time to send Landon to the nursery, although not that night, not too very long ago.

Lisa and I made our way back to the Atrium, and found ourselves a seat. They were expecting a crowd; a local photographer was the guest speaker that evening, and she would be teaching us tricks of the trade for photographing children. Luckily, her speech only lasted about twenty minutes, and then we were free to rescue our boys from the nursery. All the children and their mothers then made their way out to the church garden, cameras in hand, in order to photograph our little darlings. There were kids everywhere! Most were about 2 or 3 years old, although there were maybe three children close to Hudson's age.  Lisa, Landon, Hudson, and I found a pretty spot in the grass and we got some great pictures!

I had a really great time at the MOPS meeting. I learned a few notable things- I learned how to take great pictures of my best subject. I learned that babies put everything in their mouths, including flowers and grass. I learned that it's important to inspect Hudson's mouth for things that shouldn't be there....like, the lone blade of grass that I found stuck to the roof of his mouth, later that night. I learned that Hudson can survive for a few minutes away from his Mommy. And most importantly, I learned that although Hudson may be fine with being away from me, maybe I'm just not yet ready to be away from him.

{We got emergency pagers from the nursery....they helped us feel a little bit better.}

{leaving my baby....}

{....and getting him back from the nursery. So happy!}

{"Landon, I'm glad we're buddies."}

{"Now let me borrow your tractor."}

{"Hi Mom! I'm not bothering Landon. I promise."}

{"Maybe no one will notice if I just sneak my hand around and grab this tractor."}

{"Sssh Landon! Don't tell my Mom!"}

{"Don't look so sad, I only want to borrow it!"}

{"Thank you for letting me hold your tractor."}

{"Just smile so our moms won't be suspicious."}

{Back to Back Buddies}

{"But why can't I eat this grass??"}

{"If I can't eat the grass, I'll eat these flowers!"}

{pretty flowers, beautiful boy}

{busy little hands}

{"Hi Mom! When's the next MOPS meeting?"}


Lisa said...

I'm so glad that you & Hudson could make it! Great pictures! That one of you & Hudson is so sweet!! I'll post mine soon - I have a cute one of you with your sad face on after we left the babies. Hope you'll join us for more MOPS meetings soon!! :)

Robin said...

hey girl! So nice to meet you the other day! Hudson's precious! Love the pics!

Jeannie said...

What cute pictures! Hudson and Landon look so sweet. I had fun yesterday with you and Hudson. It was a good day to stroll around Bridge Street. I love you both. Come up again soon!!!