Hipstamatic Nights

Sometimes it just isn’t practical to take your digital SLR camera everywhere. But that doesn’t mean that photography fun isn't possible! Over the last few weeks, I've become obsessed with the Hipstamatic app on my iPhone. Hipstamatic transforms the digital camera on your phone to an awesome 80's analogue camera. You can interchange both the film and lens type with a quick flick of your finger.The results are simply stunning.

The three of us had a spontaneous dinner on the lovely patio of our local Crocodile Ed's. It was the perfect opportunity to use my new favorite photography app! I enjoyed a fresh salad, made with organic greens grown locally at Jack O'Lantern Farms, while Will enjoyed a delicious steak and shrimp dinner. Hudson, as usual, enjoyed a cool, refreshing bottle of milk. With the arrival of warm weather comes fun, outdoor dining at our favorite restaurants.

{Crocodile Ed's Grill & Fish Market}

{fresh. local. laid back.}

{Hudson checking out the patio}

{"I'm hungry, too!"}

{"This bottle really hits the spot."}

{"Smile Dad! Your food will be here soon."}

{under the trees}

{beckoning dusk}

{city lights + palm trees}

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Gina said...

great shots! love me some hipstamatic!