Happy Happenings

Hello Everyone! I hope you all are having the most fabulous weekend! Sorry my posts have been absent for the past couple of days...lots has been happening in our little corner of the world! On Thursday night we welcomed Hudson's first cousin, a sweet little girl named Henrietta. I had the honor of celebrating her earliest moments as I photographed her entry into our wonderful world. Many congrats to my sister-in-law Liza...you have so many amazing experiences ahead of you. Also, this week I embarked upon an exciting little "creative endeavor", which you will all learn more of in the upcoming days. I've been feeling so inspired lately, and I'm loving it! My beautiful Hudson is having so much fun these days....

{cruising in his fancy car}

{"Thanks for my sun hat, Auntie Kaye!"}

{looking for trouble?}

{sweet feet scooting away!}


Jeannie said...

How adorable you are in your sun hat. You need that hat since most of your days are spent outside. You have got to be the sweetest baby ever. I had so much fun spending the day with you Thursday, you are so entertaining!!!

abehel said...

WOW! Sharp car. Handsome little guy!