The Great Debate

You may or may not be aware of it, but at this very moment there is a great debate happening all over the world. And I fear that it may never end.....

It's such a happy occasion when a baby is born. A new addition to the family is almost always followed by the customary well wishes and congratulations by family, friends, and strangers, alike.  Then, no sooner than that fresh, tiny baby is placed in the proud mother's arms, the formalities are out of the way, and it's only a matter of time before that Question is asked.  You know the Question....the one that has been asked since long ago, and will probably continue to pop up as long as babies are born. "Who does the baby look like?"

"Well, he's got his mother's eyes."

"But those are definitely his father's feet. And he's got his dad's full head of hair."

"See the shape of his lips, though? Those are just like his mother's lips."

New parents are surrounded by so many unknowns....How do we change the diaper? How much milk does the baby need? How do we swaddle the baby?  Will we ever sleep again? So many questions, during such an overwhelming time. And to be faced with such a profound inquiry, "Who does the baby look like?", is certainly mind boggling for the exhausted mother and anxious father.

It all starts out innocently enough. Everyone has an opinion, and everyone takes a firm stance. The baby can be thought to have his great great grandad's hairline, or his aunt's pinky finger. The guesses become increasingly ridiculous. Maybe it's a Southern tradition? Maybe we are just bred to believe that it is our duty as bystanders to analyze and expound the DNA of each tiny baby we come in contact with? But of course, it is a fun game to play. And admit it, we all do it....even me.

And so, here it is. The obligatory question....."Who does the baby look like?"

{Baby Hudson, 9 months}


Jeannie said...

Judging by the pictures (sorry Will) I would have to say Baby Ashley!!!

Lisa said...

There's no question about it, Baby Hudson is ALL MOMMY! :)

Summer T said...

I think he looks like Ashley!

Michelle Elisabeth said...

He's his mommy's son! (And a very cute one at that! Congratulations ♥)

abehel said...

I agree with the others. Ashley!