A Summer Saturday

Nothing beats a hot, summer Saturday spent with your closest friends. My best friend Lisa and her wonderful husband Andrew came to Florence to enjoy a laid back day with us, and we were ecstatic. Lisa and I have been friends for about THIRTEEN years (how awesome is that?!) and whenever the two of us get together, I am guaranteed to have the most fabulous time! Add two goofy husbands that share the same silly sense of humor, and the fun is intensified. Lisa and Andrew were looking forward to spending some time with our precious little Hudson, so we decided to spend the day together, just the five of us.

First, we took an afternoon stroll through the park, enjoying the annual Arts Alive festival, featuring beautiful creations from a multitude of talented exhibitors including painters, sculptors, jewelry craftspeople, textile and fabric artists and many more. We enjoyed checking out my mother-in-law Martha's spectacular fiber artwork, which she creates out of such varied items as scraps of fabric, buttons, beads, and even seashells. Her lovely "needle eccentricites" won third place in the festival this year, and she definitely deserved this wonderful honor!

Lisa and I especially enjoyed perusing the many tents filled with beautiful handmade jewelry....and each of us couldn't help but purchase a darling pair of unique, dangly earrings. The two of us always know exactly what style the other will choose, so when we're shopping, onlookers usually hear a lot of this: "Those look just like you...", "You know I can't wear blue....it clashes with my eyes.", "I like these, but I never wear brown." I love our fun shopping excursions, and I love even more that we truly know each other so very well.

The guys spent their time in the park purposely avoiding the tents draped in jewelry. When we finally caught up to them, we saw that little Hudson, tucked ever so snugly in the Baby Bjorn, had surprisingly fallen asleep...despite the heat and the not-so-quiet sounds of summer fun escalating around him. We decided that we should head to someplace cool, so off we went to Crocodile Ed's for some very refreshing seafood and cold sweet tea.

After our early dinner, with bellies so full of crab cakes we could have popped, we settled in at our home for a boisterous night filled with laughter. We crowded around our dining room table, Hudson included, of course, although not in a chair....he, instead, happily bounced in his Bouncy, pulled right up to the table....perched between Will & Lisa, in just the perfect spot for an excellent view of his Mommy.  And that's when the real fun began. We spent hours upon hours playing a raucous round of Phase 10, the most enjoyable card game ever, all while storytelling, reminiscing, and laughing so hard that our sides hurt.  After a while Hudson tired of our card game and decided he would like to be rocked to sleep....and so I rocked him, right there at the dining room table, amidst all the giggles and anecdotes, and my sweet little baby quickly drifted right off to dreamland. I crept into his nursery, put him down in his cozy crib, and he slept there peacefully until the next morning. And our card game and laughter went on, and on. When it was finally over and we had tallied the scores, (I really thought I beat you that time, Lisa!), we got comfy in the living room and watched the The Hangover, the most hilarious movie, for as long as we could hold our eyes open. When we began to be disturbed by the ever increasing sounds of Will's snoring, Lisa and Andrew decided it was time to head back home to Madison. And although they live in my hometown, only an hour's drive to the East, it just seems too far away. And just like always, Lisa and I followed up our fun night with text messages, chatting about 'what a great time we had', 'let's get together again very soon', and 'wouldn't it be great if we lived in the same town'. 

We had a wonderful day. Hope you come back soon....I miss the feeling of my sides hurting from laughing too hard.

{Fun in the Sun}

{Will threatens to take a dip in the fountain...Don't worry he didnt' do it!}

{Andrew & Hudson check out the water}

{this is what *best friends* look like.}

{Hey Guys! Wake UP!}

{sweet sleeping angel}

{one of my favorite pieces by my talented mother-in-law}

{we found prehistoric life outside the Kennedy Douglass Center for the Arts}

{funny faces & artsy elephants}

{big smiles for summer fun}

{The Historic Kennedy-Douglass House}

{happy faces in a beautiful setting}

{fun and funky}

{Hudson loves balloons!}

{"I'm ready for my close-up!"}

{"I think I'll continue to smile, even though our waitress just called me a girl."}

{funny boy}

{"What a fun day! I hope Lisa & Andrew come back to visit me soon!"}


List Twelve - My All-Time Favorite Televison Shows

(in no particular order....)

1. Mad About You

2. Sex and the City

3. Big Brother

4. Will & Grace

5. Gossip Girl

6. How I Met Your Mother

7. Amazing Race
8. Lost

9. True Blood

10. The Sopranos

11. I Love Lucy

12. Three's Company

13. Late Night with Conan O'Brien

14. Modern Family

15. Saturday Night Live

16. Brothers & Sisters

17. The Real Housewives of New York

18. Jersey Shore

19. Dateline

20. Tori & Dean

What are your favorite TV Shows?

(12 down, 40 to go)


Welcome Baby Cousin!

On May 20th, at 9:19 p.m., Will's sister Liza gave birth to a beautiful little girl, Henrietta Elizabeth, lovingly called "Henri" for short. On Henri's first day home, Will, Hudson, and I dropped by to visit. Liza and I had anxiously been awaiting the day that Henri and Hudson would meet, thus beginning what we hope will be a lifelong friendship.

Little Hudson wasn't very sure about Henrietta, wrapped ever so tightly in soft pink blankets, a tiny pink hairbow atop her head....he peered over, gazing into the swaddled layers, and simply stared at her. We, luckily, caught this very precious first meeting on film....

{first glimpse}

{"But I've never seen a baby smaller than me?"}

{happy little mommies}

{Liza, Henri, Hudson, & Will}

{Welcome to the family, Henrietta! We love you!}



Never before has a TV breakup hurt so much. Sadly, last night marked the end of one of our favorite shows, Lost. It's really over. After six years and 121.5 hours of episodes, we finally have closure.

On just another Wednesday night, way back in 2004, Will and I flipped the TV channel to ABC, and on the screen we watched as Oceanic Flight 815 exploded and landed on what appeared to be a deserted, tropical island. We immediately realized Lost wouldn't be another "Gilligan's Island". And thus began our infatuation with a show filled with relatable characters who weave a web of mystery and fantasy, telling a story over such a huge canvas and drawing from so many literary and philosophical sources.

Last night's episode was shrouded in secrecy, and possibly one of the most talked about finale's of all time. No one knew what to expect, and many expected to be disappointed. And, to tell the truth, I had pretty low expectations that the producers would be able to wrap up six years worth of mysteries into one extended episode. But now, on the morning after the finale, although I can't get over the fact that it's over, rather than feeling, well, lost, I feel exhilarated. I expected to be mad, sad or confused. I'm not really any of those things. Instead, I'm happy that we stuck with such a great show, that could sometimes be completely puzzling, to say the least. Tonight's finale was perhaps the most emotionally gratifying series ender of all time; the creators gave fans exactly what they promised—resolution on the things that mattered most to the characters. It's over, and it was wonderful. Thank you to the creators of Lost, and thank you to the cast for the best six years of TV ever!

I'll miss my favorite show, but to repeat that famous line from Lost.... "I'll see you in another life, brotha".

{Hudson was feeling festive before the Finale.}

{Sporting our Island Wear...Hudson in Safari Gear, and Mommy in Dharma Initiative T-shirt...."All Roads Lead Here".}

{Taking a few pictures before we enjoyed our themed dinner of "Jack Shepard Pie".}


{....on a deserted island.}

{Farewell Lost!}

What did you think of the Lost Finale?