The Beginning of Spring

the beginning of spring
when the clouds seem to sing
bright and sunny days
are coming our way
the beginning of spring
all around nature is blossoming 
plants, animals, and all of mankind
let winter's roots unbind
the beginning of spring
pretty birds unfolding their wings
diving high into sky
on the ground, we wish we could fly
the beginning of spring
open hearts, love is the thing
reaching out towards others
little boys love their mothers 
the beginning of spring
beautiful sounds above sing
new ways, new styles
faces covered with smiles
the beginning of spring
barks of happy dogs ring
frolicking around and about
it couldn't be prettier out
the beginning of spring
it's a new awakening
happy people enjoy our earth
it's the season of rebirth
the beginning of spring
delight in the joy the sun can bring
feel the grass on your toes
forget all your woes
the beginning of spring
clap clap and sing
stomp your feet
new things to try, new friends to meet
the beginning of spring
blossoms, blooms....nature is king
warmth and beauty, no time to feel blue
spring days are the best, because I can spend them with you

1 comment:

Summer T said...

that last picture is absolutely the cutest!
I can't believe how much he is growing and becoming his own little self.