Old Railroad Bridge

It was a perfect day. The early evening sun was shining, surrounded by white, fluffy clouds.  Whistling birds were flying above, and glistening water was flowing below. We were enjoying another one of our city's many treasures....the Tennessee River, by way of the Old Railroad Bridge Walkway.  Hudson didn't feel like riding in his stroller, so Will proudly sported the Baby Bjorn. The three of us walked, and talked, and laughed for what seemed like hours.  We walked slowly, pausing frequently to snap photographs and peer over the edge at the fishing boats passing below. The Train Bridge runs horizontal to O'Neill Bridge, which crosses the Tennessee River and connects Florence to Muscle Shoals. Unlike the O'Neill Bridge, though, the Train Bridge doesn't cross the river completely. Old Railroad Bridge (circa 1832), spanning the navigable channel of the Tennessee River, was abandoned by Norfolk Southern Railroad Company after ceasing its use in 1988. So in 1992, the vertical lift-through truss bridge was dismantled and reassembled in Hannibal, Missouri.  A few years ago, Florence added a walkway underneath what remains of the Old Railroad Bridge. It's a perfect place to enjoy a quiet stroll, while taking in the breathtaking views of our beautiful river.

{Ready to Stroll}

{Train Bridge Gate}


{Hi Mom*! Embarking on the Bridge}
*my mom is afraid of heights...especially above bodies of water

{taking it all in}

{rusty bolts}

{the view of O'Neal Bridge}

{a long walk}

{sunshine seekers}

{pretty view}

{sweet silhouettes}

{Tennessee river}


{bright eyes}

{fishing boats ready for take off...}

{....let the tournament begin!}

{views of Patton Island Bridge, and further behind that is Wilson Dam}

{Sweetie Pea}

{full of personality}

{under the bridge}

{funny boy}

{"Where are we walking next?"}


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Great pictures! Hudson, you are such a good little trooper. Always smiling and enjoying yourself. You have to take your gennie there sometimes.LOL!