Newsletter from Mommy: Month 8

Dearest little love,

You are still growing and changing faster than I can even believe. But, I promise this month's letter will not be a sob story comprised of all the reasons I'm so sad to see you grow up. Because, let's just face the facts: you are growing and changing at rapid rates of speed, which you will continue to do, wheher Mommy likes it or not. So, I am slowly learning to embrace your daily changes and celebrate them, because I am so very proud of you! With all this growing, comes lots of excitement! Daddy and I are enjoying taking you on little adventures in this beautiful spring weather, and we are anxiously planning big adventures for you this summer! We can't wait to take you to the Memphis Zoo, which we visited a few years ago. We already know that you will love seeing all the beautiful animals there. We are also anticipating your first trip to the beach, and can hardly wait to see you all decked out in your swimmy gear, ready to feel the sand between your sweet toes. We simply look forward to every moment we get to spend with you. Whether these moments consist of trying new things and relishing in your reaction, or the time is spent singing the same songs over and over because it makes you smile, each and every moment is special and wonderful.
   These days you are doing so much....you are such a little busy body. You have got to be moving, non-stop, most of the day. Whether you're bouncing, scooting in your new walker, or rolling around on a quilt, you are an active little guy.  Successfully getting a diaper on you these days is like winning a small battle, since you have become such a squirmy-worm. You are sitting up by yourself perfectly, and you enjoy sitting and playing with your toys, especially your new toy phone. In the afternoons, you and I usually sit outside on a quilt and play while we watch for Daddy to come home from work. You like to listen to the birds and stand at the fence by the dogs.
   You are getting so tall! You have outgrown your 9 month clothes very quickly, and are now wearing size 12 months. You are able to pull up on things all around the house. You like to stand beside you bouncy and pull up on it while Mommy or Daddy stands by. You also are a pro at pulling up in your crib, which I mentioned here. And speaking of your crib, you are now sleeping very well in your own room.  You moved from your cradle to your crib on the eve of your 8 month birthday, and so far this week, you have done wonderfully! And I am even beginning to warm up to the idea of not having you in our bedroom within arm's reach.
   You have certain days where you just babble and babble. At times, you will repeat the sounds that we make! You like to say bye-bye, mama, and dada. You still love for me to sing the ABC's to you, and now you also enjoy hearing me count. Lately, Daddy has been reading to you at night, and you love to hear the stories. You laugh out loud when we are silly, and you are mimmicking many of our facial expressions.
   Most importantly, in the last few days you have finally perfected "creeping". I can't yet call it crawling, but it's very close! You can get up on all fours and rock back and forth, but you haven't learned yet to push with your legs in order to move forward. You are, however, moving forward in a creeping motion....sort of an army crawl, and it certainly gets you to your destination.  You are still enjoying your veggies, and some fruits. We're still waiting for those elusive teeth to appear, although, I know I will miss your little toothless grin!
   You are certainly the most happy and loving baby, and we are blessed to have you in our life. You are definitely God's most precious gift, and we are more than thankful to have you. We cherish each and every second spent with you, and look forward to all the experiences we will share with you as time goes by.  We love you more than anything in the world, little Hudson.

Love and Kisses,

{down by the river}

{catch anything?}

{"Look! There goes a.....}

{....very fast boat!"}

{"Are we having fun yet?"}

{rosy cheeks & pretty eyes}



Jeannie said...

I love this little guy so much. He gets more adorable each time I see him. Your pictures are great!

abehel said...

Ashley, I enjoy your blog so much. Looking at Hudson's pictures always puts a smile on my face.