Little Friends and Sunshine

"Cherish the moments for they too, become memories"

 I always love when the weather gets warm, and everyone comes outside to enjoy the sun. Day after day, families on our street begin to emerge from their homes. I see them spreading soft, bright blankets on their lawn for their children to play, or tossing a ball for a game of fetch with their dog. I hear sounds of children's laughter, and birds tweeting from high in the Magnolia treetops.  And, oh, the smells of spring! It's an essence of fresh blossoming flowers mixed with the mouthwatering fragrance of steaks on the grill. In our neighborhood, we're leaving behind the winter days of solitude. We are coming out of hibernation.

We are fortunate to have many close friends who live in our neighborhood. Just down our street live Lisa(author of My Little Monkey), her husband Josh, and their son Landon. Landon is a year older than Hudson, but he is Hudson's very first buddy. Josh and Lisa were very kind during the time leading up to Hudson's birth. After Hudson arrived last August, Lisa and I loved to stroll the boys around the neighborhood on the warm, late summer days. And now that the beautiful weather has returned to Florence, we have continued that ritual.  I hope that as Landon and Hudson grow, their friendship also continues to flourish. The following video was taken this week, during Hudson and Landon's first outdoor playtime since November!


Lisa said...

Oh. My. Goodness. That video is so sweet!! I want to share it on my blog, too! We have the most handsome little boys!! :) We had lots of fun with you guys last night! We must do it again, soon!

Jeannie said...

Ashley that is the sweetest little video. Those are two cute little boys!!!