List Eight - My Dream Dinner Guests

Put me on a long car ride, and my mind will  immediately wander to which individuals I would invite to a fantasy dinner party. At my dream dinner party, the table is large, the food is tempting, and the guests are lively. I've chosen a varied list of people to dine with, some dead and some living, but all well-known.

1) I seat myself at the head of the table, as this is my dreamy dinner.

2) My husband, Will is seated directly across from me. I would never want to be at a dinner party without my other half. And, I'll need someone to help me remember this fabulous dinner party after my fantasy guests disappear.

3) My favorite musician, Elvis Presley, circa '68 Comeback Special. Elvis had a special way with music - from down-and-dirty rockabilly to heartfelt gospel ballads, he could sing anything better than most. He grew up a poor kid from Tupelo and transformed himself into arguably the most famous singer in the history of the world. He was a kind-hearted soul known to pass out Cadillacs like candy, and he loved his Mama more than anyone. There's no doubt that Elvis would be the life of the party at my dinner, because what he did and continues to do is bring people joy, whether it comes from loving his music or mocking his eccentricities. And who knows, maybe he'd even sing a little tune after dinner.

4) My favorite artist, Michelangelo. Although probably not the most popular choice of a dinner guest based solely on his personality, it is written that he was endlessly dissatisfied with himself and arrogant towards others, I would have to give him an invite. I couldn't imagine being in the company of such a brilliant artistic mind.  Had I only been able to view Michelangelo's art from the pages of books, I'm not sure I would be as amazed by his work. But I was fortunate to spend time in Italy, and I saw with my own eyes the beauty he created. I am simply in awe of his magnificent works. A true artist, he created not one masterpiece, but many. My favorites by Michelangelo include La Pieta, Sistine Chapel's Last Judgement, and the iconic David.

5) The fabulously funny Lucille Ball would serve up the laughs at dinner. I've loved Lucy since I was a young girl, and I believe I've seen each "I Love Lucy" episode at least twice. A sheer comic genius who paved the way for so many female entertainers, she would definitely liven up the party!

6) As someone who exemplifies kindness, St. Francis of Assisi would be a welcome addition to my dinner party.  I have been intrigued by St. Francis since I visited his birthplace of Assissi in the Italian province of Perugia, ten years ago. He demonstrated charity towards all, and showed love and compassion to each of God's many creatures. In fact, his heroic life of prayer, advocacy of peace at home and abroad, love of nature and animals, and concern for the poor are still exemplary today, even 800 years after his death. I would want St. Francis at my dinner because I believe that he could teach me many valuable lessons. Most importantly, I imagine he would offer insight on how to better serve our Lord.

7) Actor Gerard Butler, because every fabulous function needs a little eye candy, right? And also because no dinner party worth its potatoes would be complete without someone possessing a Scottish accent.

8) I would have to extend an invitation to Conan O'Brien, my favorite comedian and late night host. With his pale skin and shock of red hair, I honestly think he is the funniest human being in the world. A combination of razor sharp wit and spontaneity, he would be a perfect guest. The rest of the diners would surely enjoy his self-deprecating humor, dramatic expressions, hilarious impressions, and use of awkward pauses.

9) To add a touch of class, Audrey Hepburn. A person I admire, not only because of her work in iconic films, but also because of her lasting impression on style and elegance. Most of all, I would love to talk with her because I am fascinated by her compassionate nature. She was a beautiful and emotional woman who searched for and offered love above all.

10) Drew Barrymore would be a fun addition to any dinner party. She's charming, talented, free-spirited, and despite all that she's been through, she has quite a positive outlook on life. One of my favorite quotes from Drew: "You could be a bag of toxicity, or you could be a happy, good person that spreads joy. I believe in spreading joy." Every gathering should be filled with joy and good cheer.

11)Franklin Delano Roosevelt. One of America's greatest presidents, he was a leader who confronted and overcame some of our nation's greatest crises. When presidents are faced with a tremendous crisis, they have the opportunity for imaginitave and bold action. But crisis does not always gaurantee presidential greatness. In the face of crisis, FDR was brave and decisive; his decisions and leadership made him the dominant president of the twentieth century. He paved the way for the United States to become the most influential world power. The only United States president to have been elected more than twice, FDR led the country through the Great Depression and during most of World War II. His presidency set the tone for American politics. FDR has always been my favorite U.S. President, and arguably, the one person with whom I have always wanted to sit down and have a conversation.

12) Lastly, the spectacular Elizabeth Taylor. A woman full of spirit, beauty, and influence, she would come to dinner draped in mink, staring us down with her lavender eyes. We would hear her stories of how she disposes of husbands but keeps the diamonds. Elizabeth Taylor has led an epic life on her own terms, arousing and side-stepping scandals, all while remaining devoted to her acting craft. She's the last great movie star, and it would be an honor to have her at my dinner party.

.....and a splendid time is guaranteed for all in attendance.

Who would be at your dream dinner party?

(8 down, 44 to go)

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Jeannie said...

Very interesting guest list. How did I know that Elvis would be on the list???