How does the Easter Bunny bounce at your house?

{Sweet Hudson with his very first Easter Basket!}

{He couldn't wait to dig in...}

{....and didn't want to be bothered with photographs}

{"Can I open this please?"}

{"How do we get in here?"}

{"What did you say?"}

{"Oh! I can tear this paper!"}

{"I see lots of goodies!"}

{"Tweet Tweet. I like this chick."}

{"Hmmm...I Am A Bunny book? Is that a snack?"}

{"Cool Shades? Are these mini Wayfarers? Yessss!"}

{"I love these DVDs! The Wiggles, Sesame Street, and my favorite...Yo Gabba Gabba!"}

{"I've been needing a phone. Do you know how important I am?"}

{"This bunny is okay."}

{"Four John-John's? Sheesh! The Easter Bunny must really like clothes! Right, Mom?"}

{"Finally! A big boy sippy cup!  Is this how it works?"}

{"Now I understand who that furry guy was!"}

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