List Two - My Favorite Musicals

We had such a great weekend, partly because my wonderful husband surprised me with tickets to see the Broadway musical, The Wizard of Oz.  Since we live in Alabama, we, unfortunately, are not very close to a city with large theater productions, i.e. New York, Chicago, etc., but we ARE fortunate to live near my hometown of Huntsville, which hosts a season's worth of productions by the Broadway Theatre League, a traveling professional live theatre troupe. Will and I have enjoyed many BTL productions, as well as shows in New York City. Ever since a young age, I have had a fascination with musicals. My parents have been taking me to BTL productions since I was a child, and I can't wait to pass along my love for musical theatre to Hudson! So, for this week, I am going to list my favorite musicals.

RENT, inspired by La Boheme, follows the lives of a group of friends living in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. I love RENT, for two reasons. First, because when I was in the eighth grade I bought the original cast recording, fell in love with it, and proceeded to memorize every word. Second, because it's the first musical I saw in New York City. I'll never forget the magic I felt in 2004, at the Nederlander Theatre, watching my favorite show....and singing along in my head the entire time.

*favorite song:  Seasons of Love

2. Wicked
Oh, Wicked! How I love you! As a long time fan of The Wizard of Oz (I did dress up as Dorothy for the majority of my childhood Halloweens), I was destined to revel in Wicked....the untold story of the witches of Oz. This show is number two on my list for a few reasons. The set is awesome. Amazing. Exhilirating. There are flying monkeys, for goodness sakes! The music is beautiful and catchy. The story line is mind-blowing and entertaining. Will and I saw this musical at the Gershwin Theater in NYC in 2008 with our great friends Lisa and Andrew.

*favorite song: Defying Gravity

3. Mamma Mia
I saw this musical with my mom in 2006. Fun! Fun! Fun! It's about a mother revisiting her past, while preparing for her only daughter's wedding....a perfect show, especially for a mother & daughter. I love the music and the whole Greek feel of the sets.  The colors and costumes were so Mediterranean and bright. Such a great production.

*favorite song: Honey Honey

4. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Okay, I went into this one not expecting much. It's the story of the many adventures of a very magical car, and to be honest, I figured that it would be mostly geared towards children, meaning it would probably be enjoyable, but not a favorite. Boy, was I wrong! Will and I saw this in February of 2009, when I was expecting Hudson and experiencing the worst morning sickness, ever. And when I say morning sickness, I mean all day and night sickness. But I pulled myself together for a night out, and I am absolutely so glad I did. What a great musical! You should probably see the movie first, which I have a million times, to enjoy this show fully. The music was fabulous, the child actors were spectacular, and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (the car, for those of you who don't know) actually flies. Great, great fun!

*favorite song: Toot Sweets

5. Chicago
A universal tale of fame, fortune, and all that jazz, this is a Broadway Institution. Will, my parents, and I saw this one in 2006 to celebrate my birthday. It was exciting, and had great tunes. I love the time period portrayed in this musical, and I especially love the costumes and the choreography. I also like to laugh when I think about Will singing "Mr. Cellophane" for about a week, following the day we saw the show.

*favorite song: All That Jazz

6. Grease
A classic telling of young love, Grease is a quintessential movie and a top-notch musical. Lighthearted, with memorable music and characters. I saw this with my mom & dad when I was in high school.

*favorite song: Summer Nights

7. The Drowsy Chaperone
It's a unique production, that pays homage to the Golden Age of musical theatre. Will took me to see this show for my 28th birthday. Neither of us knew much about it, and although it's a relatively short musical, we really enjoyed it! It was funny and had lively music.

*favorite song: Show Off

8. Hairspray
This show follows Tracy Turnblad, an unlikely heroine, as she struggles to shine in racially charged Baltimore, in 1962. My mom and I went with my Aunt Kaye and cousin Summer to see this in 2006. It was great fun! You may be wondering why it's last on my list? Simply because, I hold a very special place in my heart for the movie, Hairspray, which was one of my childhood favorites. And the musical didn't quite live up to my expectations, unfortunately.

*favorite song: You Can't Stop the Beat

.....and there are quite a few musicals that I love, although I haven't seen them YET.....

9. Phantom of the Opera
*favorite song: Masquerade

10. Annie
*favorite song: The Hard Knock Life

11. Legally Blonde
*favorite song: So Much Better

12. Movin' Out
*favorite song: Scenes from an Italian Restaurant

13. Grey Gardens
*favorite song: Peas in a Pod

14. Mary Poppins
*favorite song: Chim Chim Cher-ee

15. Spring Awakening
*favorite song: Don't Do Sadness/Blue Wind

(two down, fifty to go)

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