List Five - My Guilty Pleasures

Guilty pleasures are the little things in life that make your day just a teensy bit better. Of course, they're also the things you're not supposed to like; Think Perez Hilton, junk food, rap music, etc....Today, I'm not embarrased to share my guilty pleasures. Why? Because they make me happy.

1. Hall and Oates

2. Sleeping Late

3. Celebrity Gossip

4. Cookie Dough

5. Reality TV

6. Singing Loudly in my Car

7. 80's Movies

8. Silly Chic-Lit

9. Long, Hot Baths

10. Pajamas

11. Gossip Girl DVDs

12. Fashion Magazines

13. Girly Movies

14. Coca-Cola

15. Twilight

16. Summer Dresses

17. Sex & the City Marathons

18. Watching the Same Movie Over & Over & Over

19. Earrings

20. Snickers

What are your guilty pleasures?

(5 down, 47 to go)


Gina said...

love all those, except i'm more of a dr pepper kinda girl! ;) enjoy hipstamatic!!

Cole said...

love your lists! I started doing some fun lists last month. They are so much fun. :)