Lakeside Livin'

Our hometown of Florence is fortunate to be located on the beautiful Tennessee River, where we always spend much of our time during the summer months. There's nothing like a lazy summer day, relaxing on the water with the sunshine shimmering on your skin. This past weekend we were invited by our friends Bass & Amy to Doublehead Resort, located on Wilson Lake. Doublehead is a snug little Resort, filled with waterfront cottages, private piers, and lazy hanging hammocks. The sun was shining, so we loaded up Hudson, and headed out to enjoy a lakefront rendezvous. We enjoyed visiting with our friends, and eating at a fish fry. Will, Bass, and a bunch of the guys played horseshoes while Hudson and I played with another little baby and her Mommy. It was a great day...I can hardly wait for more fun in the sun. Hurry up Spring-Time, we're ready for you!

{happy family}

{relaxing in the lodge}



Jeannie said...

Ashley, you are bringing back so many good memories. What fun we used to have at Doublehead, jet skiing, swimming, horseback riding, hiking, fishing and most of all just relaxing. I am so glad you are making some good memories with Hudson.

Lisa said...

Doublehead is lots of fun - it's like a vacation without having to go far! :) My brother owns one of the lodges. Glad y'all had a good time!