Hudson, Hudson, God loves YOU

"Every good and perfect gift is from above...." - James 1:17

This morning Hudson was baptized. What a wonderful morning it was! We couldn't have asked for Hudson to behave better than he did at church. He was so sweet and quiet, observing everything and everyone around him. He especially loved all of the attention he received from all the kind ladies there. Hudson's gown was made by Will's grandmother, and all of her great grandchildren have been baptized or christened in this beautiful flowing gown.  We were joined at the service by all of Hudson's grandparents, and his Aunt Liza & Uncle Porter, and Uncle Sam. Our minister, Gary, was so great with Hudson. He held him, and even paraded him around the sanctuary a bit, so that everyone could get a look at the little guy. The children in the service came up and joined the choir in singing to Hudson:

Hudson, Hudson, God claims you. God helps you, protects you, and loves you too. On this day, for all to see, you have joined God's family.

It was very sweet, and special, too! He loved the song, and really took in every moment. He didn't even get upset when Gary sprinkled him with water.  Gary told the congregation that he liked to refer to Baby Hudson as "Happy Hudson", and I couldn't think of a more fitting name for our blissful baby. We are truly blessed to have such a loving little boy. We are also fortunate to have a wonderful church and a caring church family. 

After the church service, we had a lovely lunch at Turtle Point to celebrate Hudson's special day. It was nice to spend time with both sides of our family, and once again, Hudson loved all of the attention. He adores all of his grandparents, aunt and uncles very much!  After lunch, we enjoyed a cake I had ordered for this occasion. We have a magnificent local bakery, Sugarbakers, which makes the most delicious cakes. Hudson loved sticking his hand in the cake, but suprisingly, he didn't put his cake covered hand in his mouth....maybe he's saving cake-tasting for his first birthday!

Today couldn't have been better....We are blessed with a phenomenal family and we have an awesome God that watches over us. Hudson, Will, & I are surrounded by so much love, and I could not ask for more.

{Before the service}

{Hudson with our minister, Gary}

{The children and the choir sing to Hudson}


{Hudson's cake}


{"A cake for me?"}

{"When do we eat?"}

{"Don't mind if I do...}

{....grab a little bite."}

{"Anyone else want to taste?"}

{Proud Parents}

{Happy Family}

{Greg, Martha, Daddy, Mommy, Hudson, Gennie, GrandDad}

{Uncle Sam & Aunt Liza}


Summer T said...

Such good pictures! I'm so happy for you all. It looks like he was very calm. You have a perfect little boy and it looked like a perfect day!
We love you all :)

Jeannie said...

Hudson, We are so glad we could be a part of this special time. You were so sweet. The day was perfect. You are a bundle of love.

Gina said...

awe congrats- he looks like a little cherub. :)