We were thrilled to enjoy warm, spring weather for at least a couple days this weekend. Friday was beautiful, and Hudson & I enjoyed having an outdoor lunch with my great friends, Megan & Stephanie.  When we got back home, we weren't ready to stay in, so we spread out a blanket in the yard, and Hudson made a very important discovery: grass. I love the feel of the cool cushion of grass on my bare feet. Isn't it amazing how some of life's biggest pleasures are also sometimes the simplest? Hudson had a ball feeling each tiny blade of grass in his chubby little hands. He got excited and even tried to grab handfuls! I hope that he enjoys the outdoors as much as Will & I do. We can't wait for the spring weather to stick around....can you believe they're forecasting sleet for Monday? Yuck! If it's warm weather where you are, go outside and enjoy the sunshine. When was the last time you took a barefoot stroll through the grass?


Jeannie said...

That is so sweet, his little hands. He is so observant just looking around everywhere. I love your little videos.

Elizabeth said...

Too cute for words! I hate that I haven't seen him in "real life"! He is just precious!

Summer T said...

I didn't know you liked Pixies music. Who sings this version?

*BTW Hudson is still just too cute for words.
Can we see you guys soon?

Ashley said...

Thanks everybody! I think he is pretty cute, myself! ;)

Mom- Thanks for loving all my little video creations!

Elizabeth- We would love to see you soon!

Summer- I didn't know it was a Pixies original. ;) This version is by Meaghan Smith. I love it! And, we would love to see you very soon!