A Different Perspective

This Sunday, we decided to take advantage of the glimpse of glorious sunny weather, and take a little drive to the small town of Ethridge, Tennessee, located about 65 miles south of Nashville. Ethridge is the home of a fairly large settlement of Old Order Amish. It's always interesting to step outside of your comfort zone and explore ideas, people, and places that are foreign to you as an individual.

{Entering Amish Community}

{All of the Amish houses are quite similar}

{If you look closely, you can see the two little girls walking towards their home}

{Yoder Road}

{Most of the Amish people of Ethridge are farmers...}

{...and many sell their wares to the people that visit their community. Home-made signs signify which families are selling specific goods. Other members of the community make beautiful handmade furniture to sell.}

{Simple Life}

{Carriages ready for a journey}

{Davy Crockett hails from nearby Lawrenceburg}

{SweetPea slept through our adventure.}


Jeannie said...

How adorable!! He looks like a little angel.

Gina said...

very cool - i'm fascinated with the Amish way of life.