Until today, Hudson's relationship with solid food, has been fraught with turmoil...as you probably already know, if you've been keeping up with this blog. Now in his defense, he didn't try any food until the day he turned 5 months old. And, at his pediatricians request, he has only been trying rice cereal mixed with his formula, thus far. I had a strong suspicion that Hudson simply did not like the taste of his rice cereal. Every time the spoon came towards his mouth, he made the most pitiful face. During each feeding, I could hardly get him to open his mouth, and when he did, nine times out of ten, he would spit out the majority of what he had ingested. I kept at it, but he never seemed interested. Since he had been dealing with his ear infections for the past few weeks, I chose not to introduce any fruits or veggies. I was afraid that if he had an allergy to a certain food, I might not be able to differentiate his symptoms; whether an irregular charachteristic could be caused by his ear infections, or a reaction to a newly introduced food. Today, at Hudson's doctor visit, we got the all clear to go ahead and try some solids. I chose Organic Sweet Potatoes for Hudson's first baby food feast! What a difference in his behavior toward food! He absolutely loved the sweet potatoes!! He would barely swallow a mouthful, before he was reaching his sticky little hand towards the spoon. I hope he enjoys all of the organic fruits and vegetables. I'm definitely looking forward to finding out what he likes, and doesn't like. Let the food fun begin!

{hmmm...what is this orange stuff?}

{seems pretty tasty...}

{sweet potatoes are yummy!}

{I like vegetables}

{more, please?}


Summer T said...

I am so excited that he gets to eat real food now! I wouldn't want to eat that nasty rice cereal either!!

Gina said...

Hi - just stumbled upon your blog - you're a great writer!