Slippery When Wet

We had our first minor boo-boo the other day. Ever since Hudson was born, I have always taken him with me into the bathroom when I shower. That is, unless he is down for a nap, or Will is home to watch him. When he was a tiny baby, I would sit him in his carrier seat, and he would always fall asleep in the bathroom while I showered. I think it was a combination of the sound of the water running, along with the sound of the overhead fan. So catching a moment to get a bath or shower was a piece of cake during those early months. Lately, it hasn't been so simple. Little Mr. Busy Body always has to be entertained! So I started taking him in the bathroom to sit in his Bumbo. The past couple of weeks this has been going along fine. He is usually content to sit in his Bumbo, and play with his Giraffe...as long as I talk out loud or sing to him while I'm showering. Well, a couple of days ago, there I was...enjoying my bath while Hudson played with Giraffe in his Bumbo. I kept peeking out at the little guy, and noticed he was hanging his head backwards trying to see my towel, which was laying folded on the toilet. No harm in him looking, I thought, so I went about my business. I snuck another peek at him, and no longer was he merely leaning his head backwards, he had also locked his legs, straightened them out to push himself of the floor, and was leaning backwards with his entire upper body. Before I had time to do anything, he had launched himself into some sort of a backwards flip and ended up on his tummy, in the floor, which was thankfully padded with layers of towels. I thought I would have a heart attack. No longer had he done his little acrobatic trick, that I had leapt myself out of the tub, drenched in water, shampoo, and body wash....slippery as a snake. Of course he was crying, and I thought he had bumped his head. I lifted him up so quick, he probably didn't know what hit him. Eye level with where I was holding him was the bathroom mirror. As soon as I held him up, carefully and quickly inspecting him for injuries, he caught sight of himself in the mirror. And in the blink of an eye, his crying turned into laughter. Sweet little thing was laughing at himself in the mirror! Or perhaps he was laughing at the sight of me....Yikes! The good news is, Hudson escaped the ordeal without a scratch. And now I must figure out a safer way to keep him entertained while I shower....bye bye Bumbo, he's figured out how to escape!

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