Right Now I Love....

Don't you just love to scour the internet for inspiration? I do. In fact, I could get lost (internet) window shopping. I'm going to attempt to share some of the objects of my affection;Things and ideas that both intrigue and envigorate me. Whether they be beloved baby clothes, or remarkable recipes....I hope you enjoy....what I love right now.

And now, without further adieu, here are some things I am loving. Right now.

One. How great is the Teepee Sandbox? As a mother of a little boy, I find this absolutely ingenius! Thanks to pacingthepanicroom for sharing this prolific project. I can't wait to see if I can talk Will into creating this for our backyard. I just know Hudson would adore it.

Two. Zumba! I've been taking Zumba class with my friend Megan at the YMCA. It's the most enjoyable way I've ever found to do a whole hour of cardio! I especially love the Latin beats! For all you girls out there that hate working out, like myself, try out Zumba. It really is exhilirating, rewarding, and FUN.

Three. Hairstyle Pillows. How clever! I think these are so cute. Wouldn't they be darling in a guest bedroom...imagine the reaction your friends and family would have when they spotted these creative pillow cases! You can find them over at Etsy.

Four. Handmade Magnets made from Vintage Broochs. You can pick up a vintage brooch at your local antique store, for a few dollars. Use it to make these precious magnets, and adorn your fridge. Want to know how? Visit country living. I think I'll make some this weekend.

Five. I love this song. Chasing Pirates, by Norah Jones. Honest and unique. You can listen to this anywhere...over and over again.

Six. Bonpoint Children's Boutique. It's especially difficult to find cute baby/children's clothes for little boys. While Bonpoint is considerably pricey, check it out to get some ideas and inspiration. I love their look.

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Gina said...

i love all those ideas - esp the old broach magnet idea - how creative!