Newsletter from Mommy: Month 6

My Dearest Hudson,

Today you are six months old. I can not put into words how much your Dad & I love you. I could not imagine our life without you. You are the most amazing, beautiful precious blessing.

You have changed so much since that warm day in August when you entered this world. We were just talking the other day about how very tiny you were when we brought you home. We couldn't wait to try out your swing...I'll never forget how small you looked, perched in that soft seat. Now, you can barely fit! The little straps on your swing are getting too tight. You are growing faster than I ever expected you would.

You're little personality is really starting to shine! You love to laugh. Your sense of humor always shows, especially when you are lying on your changing pad. Oh, how you love diaper changes! Changing time is such a good opportunity for you to get a good look at Mommy & Daddy's silly faces!

You are world's best at blowing rasberries! A few days ago, your Gennie blew a rasberry at you over the speakerphone, and you proceeded to blow one right back! How smart you are! You are very in tune to your surroundings, and you are also very inquisitive. Hardly anything startles you. You are amazed by the vacuum cleaner, and you love to listen to your Baby Einstein cd over and over again. Just this past month you have started to enjoy your bouncy that you received for Christmas. All kinds of your favorite toys are attached and you love to sit there, bouncing and playing. You were introduced to the tv at a young age; Thanks to your Dad, you have watched every Alabama game since you were born. The two of you loved your Autumn Saturday morning tradition of watching football together. He knows that you enjoy watching, because you always seem mesmerized when sporting events are on the television. Lately, you have enjoyed watching Olivia and WonderPets in the afternoons with Mommy. But your most favorite show of all is Wheel of Fortune. For the past month or so, at 6:30 each night, you sit in your bouncy with your eyes permantly fixed on the tv screen. We think you enjoy the sounds and bright colors. We enjoy watching it, too!

You have always been such a good sleeper. When you first came home, you woke up every three hours to eat. At about three months old, you began to sleep all night, and you have continued to do so ever since. As of now, you usually go to sleep in your cradle around 10:30 pm, and wake up about 9:30 am, with usually one feeding around 6 or 7 am. You are always happy when you wake up. I especially love the mornings when you wake up in your cradle, and lie there coo-ing and goo-ing. I will sure miss you when we move you out of your cradle in Mommy & Daddy's room, and into your crib in your nursery.

You sure are an active little guy. It's very hard to get you to take a nap during the day, because there are so many other things you could be doing. You love to play on the floor with Mommy. You are so very close to sitting up on your own, I think it will happen any day now. You also are learning to try to lift your little bottom when you are lying on your tummy, in an effort to scoot on the floor; You will soon be crawling. You are now able to pass your toys from one hand to the other, and you are able to reach and grab to bring objects toward you. Whenever Mommy or Daddy hold the tv remote, you think that you should hold it, instead. One of the cutest things you have started doing lately is bouncing yourself on our laps. I like to say "go! go! go!", and you bounce even more vigorously. You are full of energy, and smile and laugh all the time.

So far, you are not a big fan of eating your rice cereal. I've been feeding you cereal since you were five months old. You love your bottle. You like your pacifier, too, but usually only when you are sleepy. Unfortunately in January, you got your first ear infection in your left ear. I could tell you didn't feel well, and you were tugging on your little ear. The doctor put you on amoxicillin, but unfortunately, after two weeks, you still had your earache. I took you back to the doctor, and you had double ear infections. They put you on some stronger medicine, so I hope you will be feeling better very soon. I hate to see you sick.

Hudson, I am so proud of you. I am proud of every teeny tiny accomplishment you make. I love you more than anything, and I'll do anything to see your sweet smile that melts my heart. I will always be your number one fan.




You are so blessed!
I want to squeeze those cheeks~

Jeannie said...

What a good way to document "Little Hudson's" life. I love this!! Even though I am miles away this helps me keep up with his life and see how it is changing daily. Much better than all those phone calls!! You couldn't have had a more precious and beautiful baby. I smile everytime I see his little smiling face. Beautiful family!