Making the Best of a Monday Morning

{big smiles}

{so expressive}

{i love my crib}

{snuggling my soft blanket}

{"What are you looking at, Mommy?"}

{practicing sitting up}

{what a great way to start the morning}

Hudson enjoyed some playtime in his crib on this gloomy Monday morning. He's loves to sit up on his own, but since he's still quite wobbly, I'm always looking for somewhere soft and safe for him to perch. His crib was the perfect spot. Lots of fun was to be had in his bed....he rolled around, played with his monkey pillow, and snuggled his soft blanket.


Summer T said...

these are all so cute!

Jeannie said...

Wow! Hudson you are such a big boy sitting in your crib. You are getting cuter everyday. Can't wait to see you. I love you!