Crazy Alabama Winter

For as many winters as I can recall, I've been wishing for snow, and my wishes have been unanswered. At the beginning of this chilly season, Will proclaimed to me with an air of authority: "I think we'll have some snow this year." We had nothing but time to wait out his notion, and see if it would become reality. As you have seen in my previous post, we did, indeed, receive our share of Alabama snow this year! And the snow didn't just appear in January....our February has seen more than it's usual share of the white stuff this year! Now, winter is probably my least favorite season, but I do always appreciate a good flurry, especially if the ground is cold enough for the snow to stick, therefore enabling those of us who normally endure a mild Southern winter, to have a few fleeting moments to play in the powdery precipitation! Most everyone I talk to is ready for spring, but I'm savoring each moment of the snow we obtain...because knowing Alabama, we won't see it again for quite a few years.

Last week at our house, we received about three inches of snow, that stuck around for most of the day. Hudson and I enjoyed being tucked in our warm house, happily watching the big flakes fall for most of the morning. Unfortunately, Hudson didn't get to go outside and delight in the snow, because he has had an ear infection since January 21st. Poor little guy. He did enjoy looking out at the white blanket covering our lawn, though! Will came home for lunch, and I just couldn't resist bundling myself up, and sneaking outside to build a snowman. I also threw a couple of snowballs at the dogs....all while Will & Hudson stood watching inside, warm as toast. It's always good to take advantage of the times when one can feel like a kid again.

{Winston Street Winter Wonderland}

{Snowman by Ashley}

{Pretty good, huh?}

{My little Snow Buddy, watching the snow fall from inside}

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