Adventures in Eating

I can't express how happy I am that Hudson is whole-heartedly embracing the different solid foods that I am introducing daily. I sure was worried, based on his attempts at eating rice cereal, which could hardly be considered attempts at all. It is so much fun to see which foods he loves, and which ones he loathes. So far his favorites seem to be green peas and squash; Two of my favorite foods, as well! He has a hard time with apples and bananas. It is so cute when he is eating his favorite foods...he wants every last bite and will let you know by grabbing the spoon and moving it towards his mouth. On the other hand, when he's eating foods that aren't his most popular choices, he just seems a bit bored. He can definitely be coaxed into opening his mouth for a "bite", but he doesn't do it readily. Publications that I have read mention that most babies prefer fruits, to vegetables, as they taste sweeter to the baby. This has not been the case for Hudson, so far, but we still have many new foods to try....and that is exciting!

{"What are we having today, Mommy?"}

{"Green Peas? Yummy!"}

{sweet toes hanging out of the high chair}


{little 'lamb' after his 'lion' fit}

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Jeannie said...

That little lion is not our sweet Hudson! What sweet feet.