Adventures in Eating

I can't express how happy I am that Hudson is whole-heartedly embracing the different solid foods that I am introducing daily. I sure was worried, based on his attempts at eating rice cereal, which could hardly be considered attempts at all. It is so much fun to see which foods he loves, and which ones he loathes. So far his favorites seem to be green peas and squash; Two of my favorite foods, as well! He has a hard time with apples and bananas. It is so cute when he is eating his favorite foods...he wants every last bite and will let you know by grabbing the spoon and moving it towards his mouth. On the other hand, when he's eating foods that aren't his most popular choices, he just seems a bit bored. He can definitely be coaxed into opening his mouth for a "bite", but he doesn't do it readily. Publications that I have read mention that most babies prefer fruits, to vegetables, as they taste sweeter to the baby. This has not been the case for Hudson, so far, but we still have many new foods to try....and that is exciting!

{"What are we having today, Mommy?"}

{"Green Peas? Yummy!"}

{sweet toes hanging out of the high chair}


{little 'lamb' after his 'lion' fit}


Yes I CAN do this. I think.

If you know me, you know that I love a project. I love organization and making plans. I love lists. These character traits are brought to you by my Type A Personality. So in an attempt to share, and at the same time, hopefully learn more about myself, I will be undertaking this project...52 Lists. What is it, you ask? Making a list a week, for an entire year. That's 52 weeks, and 52 lists. The lists will consist of many assorted topics. I am aiming for this to be a weekly writing exercise....in the hopes that I will always leave this blog with something to say. These lists will serve as a weekly post, whether or not I lose my ability to come up with anything else to write.  Because writing ruts are inevitable. And isn't making a list fun? I can't wait to see what an entire year of lists looks like. The lists will begin March 1st. Hope you enjoy my listography.

{img via weheartit}

Down with the Sickness

Sickness has hit our home. My posts this week have been nonexistent for this reason. Will usually gets a really bad cold about once a year, and this year, it hit with a vengeance. He's been stuffy, sneezy, and coughing since Monday. After a trip to the doctor, two painful booty shots, and an antibiotic, he still feeling lousy. As for me, I've been miserable this week, as well, but not due to a common cold. I've been sick with worry, that we will pass along this cold virus to little Hudson. Each time Hudson sniffles, I fear impending doom. So far, we've made it almost seven months into his wonderful life with only two ear infections, and as most mothers would agree, I would like nothing more than to keep him healthy and feeling well. And as of yet, my fears have been unfounded. The little guy has been feeling fine! Let's hope Will feels better soon, and we keep the sickness contained! Here are a few pictures of what we've been doing this week.


{blowing bubbles}

{watching the Olympics}

{sitting up}

{sneezing while simultaneously scaring Mommy into thinking I am sick}


{enjoying the sunshine}

{chattering with my toys}

{being cute}


Right Now I Love....

Don't you just love to scour the internet for inspiration? I do. In fact, I could get lost (internet) window shopping. I'm going to attempt to share some of the objects of my affection;Things and ideas that both intrigue and envigorate me. Whether they be beloved baby clothes, or remarkable recipes....I hope you enjoy....what I love right now.

And now, without further adieu, here are some things I am loving. Right now.

One. How great is the Teepee Sandbox? As a mother of a little boy, I find this absolutely ingenius! Thanks to pacingthepanicroom for sharing this prolific project. I can't wait to see if I can talk Will into creating this for our backyard. I just know Hudson would adore it.

Two. Zumba! I've been taking Zumba class with my friend Megan at the YMCA. It's the most enjoyable way I've ever found to do a whole hour of cardio! I especially love the Latin beats! For all you girls out there that hate working out, like myself, try out Zumba. It really is exhilirating, rewarding, and FUN.

Three. Hairstyle Pillows. How clever! I think these are so cute. Wouldn't they be darling in a guest bedroom...imagine the reaction your friends and family would have when they spotted these creative pillow cases! You can find them over at Etsy.

Four. Handmade Magnets made from Vintage Broochs. You can pick up a vintage brooch at your local antique store, for a few dollars. Use it to make these precious magnets, and adorn your fridge. Want to know how? Visit country living. I think I'll make some this weekend.

Five. I love this song. Chasing Pirates, by Norah Jones. Honest and unique. You can listen to this anywhere...over and over again.

Six. Bonpoint Children's Boutique. It's especially difficult to find cute baby/children's clothes for little boys. While Bonpoint is considerably pricey, check it out to get some ideas and inspiration. I love their look.

Making the Best of a Monday Morning

{big smiles}

{so expressive}

{i love my crib}

{snuggling my soft blanket}

{"What are you looking at, Mommy?"}

{practicing sitting up}

{what a great way to start the morning}

Hudson enjoyed some playtime in his crib on this gloomy Monday morning. He's loves to sit up on his own, but since he's still quite wobbly, I'm always looking for somewhere soft and safe for him to perch. His crib was the perfect spot. Lots of fun was to be had in his bed....he rolled around, played with his monkey pillow, and snuggled his soft blanket.


Sunday Quote of the Week

"Be yourself. If you follow the crowd, you may get lost in it." - unknown


Thank Goodness He Didn't Choke the Bunny

Yesterday, I took Hudson to have his 6 Month photographs taken. He never ceases to amaze me! He did so good. He smiled and laughed and even sat up on his own, like a big boy. And at times, I caught him posing. I kid you not, that sweet little guy would tilt his head, point his toes, and look coy for the camera. Wonder where he learned how to strike a pose? I just can't imagine.

We have the most awesome photographer. She's been photographing our family since I was expecting Hudson, and we have always been blown away by the shots she captures. You can check out her studio here: http://www.heatherbookoutphotography.com/ . Take a look, and allow yourself to be astounded at the beautiful portraits she creates. Yesterday, at Hudson's session, he wore three different outfits, which corresponded with the three different delightful settings Heather & her wonderful co-workers constructed. I can't wait until next week, when I get to see all of the photos! Until then, here is a sneak peek of Hudson's beautiful pictures.

{happy happy baby}

{laughing out loud at the bunny}


Can you believe he sat there, posing for pictures, in such close proximity to a REAL, LIVE, bunny rabbit? A day later, and I still can't believe it. He is at the precious, and sometimes hilarious, stage in his little life in which he wants to grab anything within his reach! He didn't even attempt to touch the bunny! What a good little baby he is. The poor rabbit didn't move a muscle the entire time, as he was probably scared to death of the laughing baby next to him...silently threatening at any minute to jerk him up and give him a good, hard squeeze. My favorite part of the shoot was when Hudson got excited, starting rocking to and fro, and his little fat foot grazed the soft bunny. He got so tickled, he laughed aloud. I just can't help but smile when I see these pictures. Hope you're smiling, as well! Happy Friday! 


Giggle Box

Last night, Hudson got the giggles. His Daddy has a way of really making him laugh. I apologize for the video being dark, but it was soo cute I had to share. I hope Hudson's sweet chuckles make you smile. Enjoy!

giggle-box from Ashley Beadle on Vimeo.


Until today, Hudson's relationship with solid food, has been fraught with turmoil...as you probably already know, if you've been keeping up with this blog. Now in his defense, he didn't try any food until the day he turned 5 months old. And, at his pediatricians request, he has only been trying rice cereal mixed with his formula, thus far. I had a strong suspicion that Hudson simply did not like the taste of his rice cereal. Every time the spoon came towards his mouth, he made the most pitiful face. During each feeding, I could hardly get him to open his mouth, and when he did, nine times out of ten, he would spit out the majority of what he had ingested. I kept at it, but he never seemed interested. Since he had been dealing with his ear infections for the past few weeks, I chose not to introduce any fruits or veggies. I was afraid that if he had an allergy to a certain food, I might not be able to differentiate his symptoms; whether an irregular charachteristic could be caused by his ear infections, or a reaction to a newly introduced food. Today, at Hudson's doctor visit, we got the all clear to go ahead and try some solids. I chose Organic Sweet Potatoes for Hudson's first baby food feast! What a difference in his behavior toward food! He absolutely loved the sweet potatoes!! He would barely swallow a mouthful, before he was reaching his sticky little hand towards the spoon. I hope he enjoys all of the organic fruits and vegetables. I'm definitely looking forward to finding out what he likes, and doesn't like. Let the food fun begin!

{hmmm...what is this orange stuff?}

{seems pretty tasty...}

{sweet potatoes are yummy!}

{I like vegetables}

{more, please?}


Month 6 Statistics

Hudson had his 6 Month doctor visit today. Will and I were enthusiastic to hear that, finally, Hudson's ear infections have cleared up, and his very sweet pediatrician gave him a squeaky clean bill of health! Here are the little man's six month statistics:

Height: 27 inches (75th Percentile)

Weight: 18.8 lbs. (75th Percentile)

Head Circumference: 17.5 (75th Percentile)

{Bath-Time Baby}

We are truly blessed to have such a happy and healthy baby.

Crazy Alabama Winter

For as many winters as I can recall, I've been wishing for snow, and my wishes have been unanswered. At the beginning of this chilly season, Will proclaimed to me with an air of authority: "I think we'll have some snow this year." We had nothing but time to wait out his notion, and see if it would become reality. As you have seen in my previous post, we did, indeed, receive our share of Alabama snow this year! And the snow didn't just appear in January....our February has seen more than it's usual share of the white stuff this year! Now, winter is probably my least favorite season, but I do always appreciate a good flurry, especially if the ground is cold enough for the snow to stick, therefore enabling those of us who normally endure a mild Southern winter, to have a few fleeting moments to play in the powdery precipitation! Most everyone I talk to is ready for spring, but I'm savoring each moment of the snow we obtain...because knowing Alabama, we won't see it again for quite a few years.

Last week at our house, we received about three inches of snow, that stuck around for most of the day. Hudson and I enjoyed being tucked in our warm house, happily watching the big flakes fall for most of the morning. Unfortunately, Hudson didn't get to go outside and delight in the snow, because he has had an ear infection since January 21st. Poor little guy. He did enjoy looking out at the white blanket covering our lawn, though! Will came home for lunch, and I just couldn't resist bundling myself up, and sneaking outside to build a snowman. I also threw a couple of snowballs at the dogs....all while Will & Hudson stood watching inside, warm as toast. It's always good to take advantage of the times when one can feel like a kid again.

{Winston Street Winter Wonderland}

{Snowman by Ashley}

{Pretty good, huh?}

{My little Snow Buddy, watching the snow fall from inside}


Mushy Love Stuff

Valentine's Day was fun at our house this year. Will & I wanted to stay in with our sweet little Valentine, Hudson, so we celebrated the Day of Love as a family of three for the first time! Will surprised Hudson & I with lovely gifts throughout the day, and I know that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, so I whipped up a little homeade love for dinner. Hope you all had a captivating, charmed Heart Day.

{Godiva Heart Chocolates, Godiva Chocolate Cupcakes with Pink Buttercream Frosting, and Tulips from Will}

{Homemade Lasagna & Vintage Valentine from me}

{Sweet & Tasty Valentine's Night}

{Banana Split for Dessert}

{the best part of Valentine's Day...our little love & his sweet feet}


Sunday Quote of the Week

"Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let the pain make you hate. Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness. Take pride that even though the rest of the world may disagree, you still belive it to be a beautiful place."

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day, blogger friends! What are you doing to celebrate the Day of Love? I'll be spending it with the two people I love most in this world - my husband, Will, and my precious baby, Hudson. I've probably told them a thousand times already, but I don't know what I would do, or who I would be without them. Wishing you all a most romantic day, filled with SUNSHINE, LOVE, and HAPPINESS!


Newsletter from Mommy: Month 6

My Dearest Hudson,

Today you are six months old. I can not put into words how much your Dad & I love you. I could not imagine our life without you. You are the most amazing, beautiful precious blessing.

You have changed so much since that warm day in August when you entered this world. We were just talking the other day about how very tiny you were when we brought you home. We couldn't wait to try out your swing...I'll never forget how small you looked, perched in that soft seat. Now, you can barely fit! The little straps on your swing are getting too tight. You are growing faster than I ever expected you would.

You're little personality is really starting to shine! You love to laugh. Your sense of humor always shows, especially when you are lying on your changing pad. Oh, how you love diaper changes! Changing time is such a good opportunity for you to get a good look at Mommy & Daddy's silly faces!

You are world's best at blowing rasberries! A few days ago, your Gennie blew a rasberry at you over the speakerphone, and you proceeded to blow one right back! How smart you are! You are very in tune to your surroundings, and you are also very inquisitive. Hardly anything startles you. You are amazed by the vacuum cleaner, and you love to listen to your Baby Einstein cd over and over again. Just this past month you have started to enjoy your bouncy that you received for Christmas. All kinds of your favorite toys are attached and you love to sit there, bouncing and playing. You were introduced to the tv at a young age; Thanks to your Dad, you have watched every Alabama game since you were born. The two of you loved your Autumn Saturday morning tradition of watching football together. He knows that you enjoy watching, because you always seem mesmerized when sporting events are on the television. Lately, you have enjoyed watching Olivia and WonderPets in the afternoons with Mommy. But your most favorite show of all is Wheel of Fortune. For the past month or so, at 6:30 each night, you sit in your bouncy with your eyes permantly fixed on the tv screen. We think you enjoy the sounds and bright colors. We enjoy watching it, too!

You have always been such a good sleeper. When you first came home, you woke up every three hours to eat. At about three months old, you began to sleep all night, and you have continued to do so ever since. As of now, you usually go to sleep in your cradle around 10:30 pm, and wake up about 9:30 am, with usually one feeding around 6 or 7 am. You are always happy when you wake up. I especially love the mornings when you wake up in your cradle, and lie there coo-ing and goo-ing. I will sure miss you when we move you out of your cradle in Mommy & Daddy's room, and into your crib in your nursery.

You sure are an active little guy. It's very hard to get you to take a nap during the day, because there are so many other things you could be doing. You love to play on the floor with Mommy. You are so very close to sitting up on your own, I think it will happen any day now. You also are learning to try to lift your little bottom when you are lying on your tummy, in an effort to scoot on the floor; You will soon be crawling. You are now able to pass your toys from one hand to the other, and you are able to reach and grab to bring objects toward you. Whenever Mommy or Daddy hold the tv remote, you think that you should hold it, instead. One of the cutest things you have started doing lately is bouncing yourself on our laps. I like to say "go! go! go!", and you bounce even more vigorously. You are full of energy, and smile and laugh all the time.

So far, you are not a big fan of eating your rice cereal. I've been feeding you cereal since you were five months old. You love your bottle. You like your pacifier, too, but usually only when you are sleepy. Unfortunately in January, you got your first ear infection in your left ear. I could tell you didn't feel well, and you were tugging on your little ear. The doctor put you on amoxicillin, but unfortunately, after two weeks, you still had your earache. I took you back to the doctor, and you had double ear infections. They put you on some stronger medicine, so I hope you will be feeling better very soon. I hate to see you sick.

Hudson, I am so proud of you. I am proud of every teeny tiny accomplishment you make. I love you more than anything, and I'll do anything to see your sweet smile that melts my heart. I will always be your number one fan.



Slippery When Wet

We had our first minor boo-boo the other day. Ever since Hudson was born, I have always taken him with me into the bathroom when I shower. That is, unless he is down for a nap, or Will is home to watch him. When he was a tiny baby, I would sit him in his carrier seat, and he would always fall asleep in the bathroom while I showered. I think it was a combination of the sound of the water running, along with the sound of the overhead fan. So catching a moment to get a bath or shower was a piece of cake during those early months. Lately, it hasn't been so simple. Little Mr. Busy Body always has to be entertained! So I started taking him in the bathroom to sit in his Bumbo. The past couple of weeks this has been going along fine. He is usually content to sit in his Bumbo, and play with his Giraffe...as long as I talk out loud or sing to him while I'm showering. Well, a couple of days ago, there I was...enjoying my bath while Hudson played with Giraffe in his Bumbo. I kept peeking out at the little guy, and noticed he was hanging his head backwards trying to see my towel, which was laying folded on the toilet. No harm in him looking, I thought, so I went about my business. I snuck another peek at him, and no longer was he merely leaning his head backwards, he had also locked his legs, straightened them out to push himself of the floor, and was leaning backwards with his entire upper body. Before I had time to do anything, he had launched himself into some sort of a backwards flip and ended up on his tummy, in the floor, which was thankfully padded with layers of towels. I thought I would have a heart attack. No longer had he done his little acrobatic trick, that I had leapt myself out of the tub, drenched in water, shampoo, and body wash....slippery as a snake. Of course he was crying, and I thought he had bumped his head. I lifted him up so quick, he probably didn't know what hit him. Eye level with where I was holding him was the bathroom mirror. As soon as I held him up, carefully and quickly inspecting him for injuries, he caught sight of himself in the mirror. And in the blink of an eye, his crying turned into laughter. Sweet little thing was laughing at himself in the mirror! Or perhaps he was laughing at the sight of me....Yikes! The good news is, Hudson escaped the ordeal without a scratch. And now I must figure out a safer way to keep him entertained while I shower....bye bye Bumbo, he's figured out how to escape!


Sunday Quote of the Week

“Look at the sky- that is for you. Look at each person’s face as you pass on the street: those faces are for you. And the street itself, and the ground under the street, and the ball of fire underneath the ground: all these things are for you. They are as much for you as they are for other people. Remember this when you wake up in the morning and think you have nothing.” -Miranda July



Will likes to pick on me. A lot. Fortunately, it's all in good fun. Lately, he has been picking on me because I like Science Fiction movies. It all started because I rented Star Trek on our Netflix. So, I never was a fan of Star Trek the TV show, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't like the movie! I tried explaining to him that it got great reviews, and even that the classic Trekkies weren't fans because it was so different from the original movies and television shows. Unfortunately, my reasoning didn't matter. I still got made fun of. When Star Trek arrived at our house, Will groaned in disappointment. I talked him into watching, and we all got comfy, kicked back and started getting into the movie....then.....it quit. Our Netflix DVD was scratched. Just when it was getting exciting, and Will was actually interested. So, as of yet, I still haven't seen the whole movie. But I will be adding it to our queue again, very soon. On another note, did you know that Will has never even seen Star Wars? Whaaat?? That's a classic! I do love the alien movies. You can't imagine the grief he gave me when District 9 showed up at our house the other day. Ha. Anyway, I was at Target the other day, and just couldn't resist picking up these jammies for Hudson. Partly because they were cute, and partly because I knew that they would make Will laugh. Isn't he adorable? The Center of Mommy's Universe. Precious!!